Roadtrip! Desert Dawg World Premiere.

Ace_Woodward-0344Really? Who cares? I don’t. Well I wanna go of course. That’s what I do. Even yesterday when man was packing the truck of adventure I stayed in the truck. Easiest place to be so I can snooze but keep an eye on things. So I guess we’re going to Colorado to visit our big pack over there. Goin’ to some silly festival to see a movie that my friends Brendan and Forest made about me and man. This is a photo Forest made of  me last year out on the big trip we did. I like to stay in the tent when it’s snowing. It’s gonna be fun though. Dawg friendly. We even get to lead a hike for dawgs and their people. Going to be lots of sniffing and peeing I tell you. So man wants me to tell you it’s called the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, Colorado. Our film is ‘Ace and the Desert Dog’ which of course is ridiculous because it should be Desert Dawg and …… anyway, man told told me to shut up and just be sure to tell you about our big film premiere which I think is probably going to get me some bacon. Forest made me a pound of bacon when he came hiking with us! Now that’s  a thoughtful human. Man might even get a girlfriend, doubtful but you never know. He should try bacon. It works for me and my kind. So yeah, roadtrip, movies, old and new friends. I love smelling my old friends. Human and dawg. See you on the Silver screen! Desert Dawg – Colorado bound!

11 thoughts on “Roadtrip! Desert Dawg World Premiere.

  1. Rob Wingrove

    Sounds very cool Ace! I hope I get a chance to see the movie someday. I can help with DVD production if you want to offer that to your friends Brendan and Forest! (just burning and printing, not packaging).

    Take care,

    – Rob

  2. Tim

    If tickets weren’t sold out I would buy them now! I hope you enjoy my home state! Will the movie be posted online at some point so we can all watch it?

  3. Dave Francis

    Wonder piece of prose from the Dawg’s point of view.

    We live up in the Andes, here in Ecuador, outside Quito, so can’t make the ‘premier’ sadly?
    How can we get to see this wonderful adventure film?

    Also more of those fabulous photographs of the Dawg’s Desert adventure, that he shared with you people, last year? Not bad people to be with – Ace, Marko and a lovely photographer lady! Woof!

    Best regards to Dawg and his/hers people from a rocky World down here.

    Dave Francis

  4. Michelle

    Congrats Desert Dawg and human on world premier of your movie! Do not even consider a tuxedo. I googled it and there are even top hats. Go in the buff, stay in the buff. Enjoy!

  5. GnarlyDog

    I am bummed that I probably have little to no chance to see that movie here Downunder in Australia, unless it will be later released online or something.

  6. PJ Harris

    Just found you, dawg and man at the 5 Points Fest. Was really sorry I couldn’t make the hike (and so was my woman) But apparently other important stuff came up at that time. She did take me down to the Crystal river for an excellent swim and picnic. (No bacon tho…maybe next time)
    My human says your movie was the best! She was really excited telling her friends about it. And also she was very excited to realize you had a blog. Carry on and keep that tail wagging!

  7. Barclay Daranyi

    Will you be at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival? Carmello and Bob would love to say “hi”. We wouldn’t mind seeing your man as well.

  8. Corey

    Great film!!! My pooch Andy and myself hope to do a similar trip sometime soon. Do you have music credits for the film? Liked it all, especially the “blues” song. Thanks!



  9. Al Knoll

    Ace! We met in Verbier. Marko Shapiro’s studio I think. That was eighty ought something or another. I have still a few Kvale photos squirreled away from mags. I look at em now and then. Last time I was with Shapiro was at Black Peak, SI, NZ for Robin’s inaugural Powder 8’s. Fine times. Binx Sandahl was my ski partner that day. The Clambin Kids still rule. Skritch the dawg for me.

    Al Knoll (altaholic)


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