Gimme Some Lovin’

Ace-DD-2This Is a nice picture by our pack member Mary McIntyre. She hiked with us for about a year. Man and I having a little moment. But what I want to say is I need a little love right now. Here’s the backstory: As you probably know we had us an epic adventure last year. Best ever. But this winter we watched a lot of movies, sat around a bunch and maybe gained a couple of pounds. It happens. Then this spring we hit the road and man got all excited and we hiked some big ‘ol mountain up there in the Wasatch and my right rear has not been the same. Our Vet friend thinks it’s a partial acl tear and can heal. So we are taking it easy for now. Man is slippin’ some dawggie ibuprofen and fish oil in my food and the wonderful people at Zukes sent me a huge box of really yummy treats. But it’s kind of a drag. I know man feels bad but all we did was hike like a million times before. I can’t chase cows or rabbits or anything just now. Stuck on the couch. Luckily there is a dumpster behind the burger place nearby that offers easy and good foraging when man is otherwise occupied on the phone and the stupid screen thing. He is givin’ me lots of love though. So if any of you, my fans, have suggestions please send ’em our way. I’ve only been to the vet to get my anal glands expressed and I don’t wish to repeat the experience. Summertime and the livin’ is easy though. Went for a swim just this afternoon. Desert Dawg tryin’ to heal up……….

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  1. Kaz

    Oh Desert Dawg, I send you much healing! Healing requires a little work on your part…and I know it has to be hard not to chase a cow or rabbit, but healing requires rest. You’ll be as good as new soon!

  2. Wendy

    Oh Desert Dawg, so sorry to hear this. My neighbour’s dog Sep damaged both of his ACL and after a lot of rest and some swimming, he is getting better. Our vet has a hydro bath too which helped. Big hug to you.

  3. Bob Micsak

    Don’t know if it would help Big D, but when I got a tear on a walkin’ thing that hurts a bunch I put ice on it till it goes numb, and it sure helps me a lot.

    Hope you’re up and at’em soon DD.

    Love ya man!

    River Sole

  4. Be

    Quick recovery Desert Dawg. WIshing you luck w/ the healing since our pack just finished its 2nd ACL surgery in 6 months. Tell man he needs to get you some glucosamine chondroitin to help heal. My two girl ACDs love the chewable ones @ Trader Joes.

  5. Marie Dickerson

    Our Heeler mix blew her knee last year, had surgery & had 4 long months of rehab. Swimming is the best therapy. Do a lot of that. Rimadyl is a good anti inflammatory for Dawgs but expensive unless you get a prescription at Walmart. No playing ball, running, quick turns. Good luck!

  6. Natalie Williams

    My Tawny dog had vertigo a year or so ago. Aging sucks. It was about three days before she was rolling in the mulch again.

  7. Ulysses

    Hey desert dawg, sea dawg here. Before my lady picked me up, she had another dog before me named Keogh. She talks about him a lot, and I sure wish I had gotten to hang out with him. Anyways, he was a big dog and screwed his leg up just like you — lots of bounding through the “powder,” something I have yet to experience but I’m guessing it’s kinda like jumping through the waves. She waited and waited for it to heal, maybe a year or more, and I think it was pretty tough on BOTH of them. As you and I know, it’s pretty tough to take it easy for us dogs. So she finally got him the very clever kind of ACL surgery with the superincredible (her words) vets in Grand Junction. It was two very strict months of rehab (I hear that Keogh was on the leash nearly all the time, keeping him from chasing cats and roaming, a very unusual existence with our lady) but by the end they did an hour walk in the morning and evening every day, then…he got to be his old self again. (Then he tore the OTHER one a few years later, but she got it fixed a lot more quickly for him that time.) Lady says it was a really good decision for them, since then they got to hike all over again and they both weren’t in pain every time!

    1. admin Post author

      Woof sea dawg! yes, tough times right now. I think it’s harder on man than me. I just hang out like usual although we are not hiking at all. Man, though, he feels so bad. But he didn’t do anything different. Fish oil, bonz, lot’s of love……. Anyway. You get to be best dawg soon huh?! Wish we were there. I did some sailin’ for a while in a place called Maine. man had to raise and lower me into a little boat so I could take car of business on little islands. It was great. Had my own life vest and everything. So, do you eat fish all day> Are there cows or stupid cats where you are? What do you pee on? DD

      1. Ulysses

        Desert dawg we wish you were here too!! My lady says she thinks really good dog livin’ leads to a few tears here and there, it’s because we dogs have SUCH a rad life that we sometimes get a little hurt as we get older. I dunno, I’m only three; she said she can talk to you more about the surgery if you want. Both she and Keogh dragged out that decision FOR.EV.ER and yeah, the no hiking bit was lame, but she said she wasn’t very disciplined (whatever that word means) about making him rest, since neither on of them was very good at that. But she was super disciplined about rehab and it worked.

        And YEAH we are at the dock, the lady and man seem all excited about something and I hear a lot of our friends are coming here! Costa Rica seems pretty cool, but I’m not a fan of the thunderstorms. I’ve stopped jumping overboard when I hear the thunder now, it’s easier to just go downstairs in the boat and lady says that way I won’t get eaten by these things called crocodiles. You should come down here sometime and check out all the dead fish, it is HEAVEN. HEAVEN!! First I try to eat them and lady makes me keep walking but on the way back I’ll run ahead and eat as much as I can until she catches me, at which point I roll in the sweet, sweet deliciousness of the rotting fish carcass. DD, it is the best dog perfume EVER. Not many cows, but our best boating buddies just got a TINY cat! I want to eat it SO BAD. Whenever we go over to their boat now I just stare at this tiny cat and it stares at me and I lick my lips. The other night lady and man got onto their paddleboards and our friends weren’t paying attention and I FINALLY got a hold of the cat and gave it a good shake before there was all this yelling. Lady was SO mad at me but I was just trying to do my job as a good dog, you know?

        Oh, and pee. I pee on anything on land! I think I must own most of the coastline of Pacific Mexico by now, and all those other dogs know it. On the boat, I have a little square of astroturf on the front and I used to hate using it but now, whatever, I use it in the morning when we’re sailing and I can tell we aren’t going to shore. What do you get to pee on there? Ever gotten a hold of one of those cats?? I’ll have to investigate more about those cows, what are they like? SD

  8. Princess Leia, the adventurous Boston Terrier

    Hey Desert Dawg, I’m going on 15 with quite a few hiking miles under my belt (or, collar). Worst I got was some paw blisters from rocky trails; I can only imagine how an acl tear would feel. Actually, no thanks. Swimming and fish oil will fix you. Works for me. Higher fiber dog food keeps the vet from having to do the anal gland thing. Have your man take you food shopping. And naps. I know it’s hard for a guy like you to sit still but it’s for the best. My woman is on the mend from a climbing injury and if you’re anything like her, rest up so you can get back at 100%. Stay cool and thanks for reading.

  9. Sandie

    Ohhhhhhh DD. Have man bring you back to Maine for more sailing. I work on a cool little island where dawgs are always coming ashore to leave their deposits. You could change your name to Dinghy Dawg. Also Russ here likes Sea Jerky made with that glucosamine stuff too.

  10. Lisa

    My beautiful blue girl blew out both her knees. We had to have both ACL’s repaired, it was a long road of being carried up and down stairs (I think she grew to like that part) and therapy but she made a full recovery. Just no more jumping for balls. Have your man talk to the vet about Glucosamine. She has been on this since surgery and we think it helps a lot. She is almost 11 but you wouldn’t know it. Rest, swim, and heal soon and extra treats help. 🙂

  11. McLovin Clementson

    Hi Dawg, my name is McLovin and I too am a blue heeler. Maybe not in my prime and pushing middle aged but I am a survivor of not one, but two ACL surgeries. While I don’t love to be submissive, I realized that icing sucks but is a necessary part of the process, so I can and will chill on my side to allow icing periodically. I am also a big believer in glucosamine supplements. Unfortunately when you tear one, you are likely to tear the other one too, so attempting to somewhat control yourself and notch back the crazed hot laps might help you avoid my past mistakes. Regardless, rehab is your friend – swimming is awesome (even though I hate it), gentle exercises such as having your front legs lifted to force weight bearing and strengthening of your back knees can help too. The surgery sucks and the recovery isn’t a lot of fun, but since then I feel like the six-million dollar dawg with my bionic legs. Good luck and heel (pun intended) quick!

  12. Gauge

    Hang in there DD.
    I’ve been dealing with some arthritis as of late; my days of 27 mile day hikes are behind me now. Still, at ten-years old, I’m far more capable than many of my friends. My woman and her man (my man) get me out to do as much as I can do every day. Maybe 7 miles isn’t’ the same as 27, but it’s the time with the ones who are most important to me, doing the things that are most important to me that matters… and they’re making it happen. They take me to where the ground birds are, I point at ’em, they tell me to make them fly… and they fly. Life is good. =]

    Rest up, DD. Adventure is always out there… waiting.

  13. Lucy the Cattledog (and her BFF Karen the PT)

    Dear Desert DAWG

    Lucy the Cattledog here. You’ve gotten some great advice from fellow dawgs and all is good. Including ACL (cranial cruciate) surgery , pool exercises, and BACON. All is good. What I’d tell man is to know is fellow man (and ladies) feel the sorrow and pain that his best pal is going through. Spend the summer resting and getting in the water (daily of you can) building up those muscles so it doesn’t stress the joints. The bad thing about crainal cruciate ligaments is they really don’t “heal” on their own. The knee will always be a little unstable in that joint, chewing it up even more, causing more arthritis. My lady (who’s a physical therapist) talked a lot about her old BC Maggee who, she rehab’d, and Maggee was back to playing Frisbee within 6-9 months like nothing happened. I myself prefer to lay around and NOT go through all that grueling rehab (a bit past my prime of chasing sheep, cattle), but all that spoiled pampering she did for that spoiled rotten dog (hey that’s me too!) sure sounded worth it! So get in the water all you can this summer, get strong, get some good rub downs (and belly rubs), eat plenty of bacon….and maybe, if your legs are strong enough, *if* man decides he might get your leg fixed (those Colorado Vets on Animal Planet are AWESOME! Be sure to have the vet do the latest procedures, they did Maggee’s leg!) and you’ll be climbing all over the Wasatch Range before long! We’ll be rootin’ for ya from the AZ Desert!

  14. Teri J Pieper

    Lucky you to have a place to swim! It’s good therapy and will help you keep strong. Get to the water as much as possible. Get well soon.
    Sky, the labrador who never gets enough swimming

  15. Sandee

    Our old chubby husky, Sissi, messed up her ACL jumping out of the truck at Fisher Towers. Just too excited to get going. The vet put her on a diet. By trimming down she did not need surgery. No more 20 mile runs but hiking was just fine. (not that she was doing any long runs with the extra pounds or the triple dense coat—necessary for Leadville winters.)

  16. Kathleen Sheldon

    Hey Dawg – Sorry about your leg problem. You’ve gotten lots of thoughtful advice. As time passes your man will know whether you are mended or whether any other intervention is necessary. I’m hoping the mending works. You’re a smart dawg so keep it cool and no jumping off the couch or chasing pesky squirrels for now. Positive thoughts are coming your way.

    Kathy S.


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