DD Needs Surgery :(

201605220012AKPYep, you read that right. We overdid it, Man and and I. I’ve been gimping around since we hiked some big ‘ol mountain up there in the Wasatch so man finally took me to some place called Best Friends. The people were super nice but there were cats in boxes and lots of funny smells so I just stayed real quiet hoping nobody would see me. But then man took me in a room that I didn’t like at all and then a kind man and some really nice girls prodded and pulled on me and stuck something sharp in my leg and told man that  I need knee surgery. I not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound like fun or an adventure. I can tell cause man is kinda bummed and calling people and spending a lot of time on the stupid screen thing instead of packing the truck of adventure like he should be so I know something is up. So what we want to know from all of you my fans and fellow dawgs is where should we go to get this surgery? Any recommendations? Dawg docs that you love? Close to home is good cause I don’t love driving too much. We have so many awesome adventures to go on that we want to do this thing as soon as possible. I’m tired of being stuck on the couch too. Man goes out running without me? wtf? so let’s get ‘er done cause we have some big plans for camping, swimming, chasing cows and squirrels and stuff. The worst thing is I can only pee on one side. I can’t’ stand on my hurt leg too good to pee off my left side so I’m only peeing off my right side. What is the neighborhood gonna think? I need to pee high and far off both sides everywhere to properly let the world know that I’m here and in charge of this neighborhood. So, the sooner we get this knee fixed up the better.

Desert dawg and man awaiting your advice. Thanks from us!

16 thoughts on “DD Needs Surgery :(

  1. chris

    hey DD I am in England so dont know too many dog drs over there but sure someone will tell ya. hope you get it done soon buddy and then you and the man can go exploring again!!
    from izzy and the gang over here

  2. Bobbie

    Our most favorite vet ever is dr. Scott Doginow, called Dr. dog, he lives in Moab and loves dogs, especially the coolest dogs like you! We would trust him totally and he went to high school with charley Gurche, who man knows! We will be waiting to hear what happens! Love your fans, Bobbie and Boz

  3. Robert angelilli

    Luna got her canine ACL surgery at cottonwood animal hospital in SLC. They did a great job, she doesn’t even have a limp, and she had a partial to total tear.
    Hang in there DD, it’ll get better.

  4. Roanne

    Oh shoot Ghengis. So sorry to hear about that but, they can rebuild you stronger! Faster!

    Our friend Curt Lupo is a great surgical veterinarian. I’m sure he’d want to look at you in dog, but he’s a good human and has two buddies you can hang with. Dash is da’ bomb and Archer is working his way out of his teenage angst years, but they’d be instant friends. Let us know if we can help.

  5. greer chesher

    Pippin sez,
    Oh shoot, Dawg, there you were, right over there in Kanob! You coulda come an stayed with us! I have a cat named Bert and two horses and you coulda rolled in horse poop with me! We live in Rock(fall)ville, and if you’re ever that close agin, don’t hesitate to stop by! My mom has a person-friendly extra room in her house, and of course, all dawgs are welcome. We hope your knee heals fast cuz those horses need chasing!

    Pippin and Greer

  6. Laurel

    I would second that Dr. Dolginow in Moab is a great vet!! Don’t know much about dog knee surgery but he sewed up my dog a couple of times. If you travel to Park City, though, I cannot recommend highly enough both Dr. Burchette and Dr. Lequient. The White Pine Vet Clinic is awesome. Good luck Desert Dawg!!!

  7. Be

    Dear DD & Man:
    My two ACD girls wish you a good recovery. Dora has just finished a year of ACL surgeries & recoveries and offers the following wisdom: DO NOT JUMP AT ALL until you are about 6 months post surgery. She jumped with her first knee and it didn’t heal as fast or well as her second knee. But she wants you to know that she is back in running, jumping and climbing form. So you will get there just be patient and listen to your vet. Lisbeth also sends you her best and says don’t be too sad as the vet said yesterday that her xrays show she has a bad knee too and will be joining you for surgery and recovery soon.

  8. Suzie Ellison

    greetings dd! so sorry about your knee and your peeing issues. yup – gotta get that fixed right away. i think dr. dale smith here in SLC is the one for you. he did both my beloved rottie’s knee surgeries, and he’s done the same TPLO surgery for just about 100 other dogs that we know here because we have a dog hiking business and so we know a lot of dogs. of course you and man are super lucky to be able to hike right out your front door. we have the mountains about 5 minutes away, so that’s close and we’re happy about that, but we don’t have it quite as good as you have it! anyway, you should definitely call dr. smith. i think man would bring you up here to see him since he’s so good, don’t you? tell him suzie sent you!

    veterinary orthopedic service 801-277-8777

  9. Lucy the Cattledog (and her BFF Karen the PT)

    I second (or third?) the TPLO procedure for DD. Be sure your favorite doc does it. Seems to be the industry gold standard now (with some recent variations) that really stabilize that knee, and will allow DD to return to hiking safely and most importantly, peeing off that other leg! (great “balance/stability exercise when he gets to rehabbing!). He’ll have to be quiet and nonweight-bearing for 8-10 weeks (no worries, he won’t want to put much weight down on that leg) but the good news is, after the stitches come out and the sutures are healed, LOTS of swimming, gentle stretching and massages will help! And Be is right…NO JUMPING for at least 6 months (or until the vet says all is a-okay). Good luck DD!! Keep us posted on how all goes and on your rehab!

  10. Marie Dickerson

    Our Heeler blew her knee in April 2015 & had TPLO surgery. Yes, she now has a metal plate & screws! I highly recommend Dr Paul Morgan at AVC in Salt Lake City. The rehab is hard for an active dog, 16 weeks. Our Heeler also had hydrotherapy after the surgery. She has done awesome. We are past the one year mark! GOOD LUCK!

  11. Kristi Ciener

    We are so sorry to hear. Wish you could have come on our adventure the other day. But we know that you will get through this and hopefully we can come back and hike with you!

  12. Ann Yates

    Hi there Desert Dawg! I’m super sorry to hear about your knee. I have arthritis in my left knee and it is no fun. But Ann read me replies from your other fans and it sounds like good options out there to get you all fixed up. Even though I’m nicknamed the Little Marine I’m not ashamed to admit I get a little shaky at the docs but thank the Lord we have them. Sending good dawg love your way!

  13. Trish

    Dear Desert Dawg.
    You have found the most excellent surgeon in Dr Dale Smith and you will be up and running in no time. We at Pinebrook Animal Hospital will take the best care of you!! We have treats and nice humans who will love you to the moon. I promise you that everything will be safe and as not scary as possible. We will take care of you my sweet Desert Dawg!!! I can’t wait to meet you and your human.

  14. Jim P.

    Hey DD-

    Tell Ace to bring you to Dr Bob Marquis at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital in Grand Junction, http://www.tiararadoanimalhospital.com/ . He & the rest of the staff there are tremendously knowledgeable pros, and super-nice, caring folks. Then you & Man can go on more 60-day backcountry trips & stuff, OK?

    Jim Pettegrew

  15. Ian Reid

    There is a great veterinary school in Fort Collins. Bet they would be interested in assisting you in your efforts.


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