There’s Something Happening Here What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear

201607030100AKPYep, I borrowed that from Man’s stereo which was blasting while were camping. Sometimes he has a couple of beers and the music gets loud and well, anyway….. There is something going on. I’ve been gimping around now for a month or so and even though I’ve gotten pretty good at 3 legs I can’t go out on the trail and help man navigate. I can’t even chase cats, or squirrels. So, even though I’ve adjusted I know man is a little bummed. So he’s been on the stupid screen thing and the phone a ton and I know he’s got some plan for me. Goin’ in for surgery whatever that is. And rehab. I think man needs to go to rehab personally but he’s made a appointment for me to go to a place called Pinebrook (nice name dontcha think?) up there by the big city and the nice people there are gonna fix me up good as new. So stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes. Man is going to take pictures of everybody too. And then he’s going to make Desert Dawg hats for all our fans and friends and well anybody who loves the outdoors and nature and all the great things in life. This picture is me sniffing for Buffalo. I’ve never seen one but I know what they smell like. Their big ol piles were all around our camp. We were up in some mountains called the Henrys driving around it seemed like forever looking for Buffalo. Really. Saw about a million deer with really tiny bambis and a fox and a coyote but nary a Buffalo in sight. I may only have 3 good legs at the moment but my smeller is still functioning perfectly. They were out there. We’ll just have to go back. Come with us!

Desert Dawg over and out.

15 thoughts on “There’s Something Happening Here What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear

  1. Robin Cox

    Dear Desert Dawg,

    I’m certain that the wonderful people at Pinebrook are going to have you chasing Buffalo in no time! Heal up quick, and Man, get those hats ready, I’m good for one and I’m sure my dogs would like one too.


  2. Kati Murphy

    Dear Desert Dawg
    Sorry to hear that you will be needing surgery. I wanted to let you know that my girl had what sounds like the same injury as you have. She had the surgery and it has worked out very well for her, and that was 9 years ago! She is now 11 and the knee only slows her down if there’s too much ball chasing. Hopefully you have a good swimming hole nearby to help with your rehab.
    Good luck. I know Man has found the best folks to take care of you.

  3. greer chesher

    Dear D.D.
    I will be takin’ a hat. My mom only wears them straw things, but I will add it to my personal collection of things to chew on.
    Much obliged,
    Yur friend,

  4. Holly Sorenson

    awwww….. you have such high spirits DD! We humanoids need to take note 🙂 when it looks gloomy focus on the good stuff. I hope the procedure goes smooth. H

  5. Marie Dickerson

    Good luck! Two of my pups have been through knee surgery & still hiked afterwards. Of course, after rehab. I would like a hat too when they are ready.

  6. Brian and Loki

    If you need a quiet place to crash let me know. My housemate is away for a couple weeks, so there’s plenty of room here in Park City. I live just down the road from the Pinebrook neighborhood in PC. Let me know if I can help. Healing vibes for you DD!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Brian,I have some old friends in Jeremy Ranch. Thanks for the good vibes. All those miles but we overdid it one day.
      ace & DD

  7. Ann Yates

    Hey DD it’s Rosco. I’m feeling your pain but I’m betting it’s all going to be better after your Pinebrook stay. I’m also betting Man is way more nervous than you! Ann always tries to act all calm and collected when we go to the doc but really she’s the basket case, not me, and I just hope she gets into a little booze and loud music when we get home! BTY those doc places are great smelling sites so take full advantage!

    1. admin Post author

      Full tear. Surgery seemed the best option. 🙁 but he’s gonna be back to awesomeness! 🙂


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