201509240299AKPWow, so much has happened in the last couple of weeks it’s gonna take me a couple of installments to tell you all about it. The thing is right now I’m laid up like never before. I mean I cut my leg on a fence once and I’ve had a couple of hard landings leaping off tall cliffs and such but I’ve never been reduced to laying around and walking on a leash! It sucks let me tell you. But, I know it will be better cause man is here taking really good care of me. I don’t like it too much when he puts the bags from the freezer on my leg but he talks to me the whole time so I know it’ll be okay. But let me tell you what happened. You probably know I got hurt and it just wasn’t getting any better so we went on a road trip anyway and had all kinds of adventures. With sheep, and big and little dawgs and swimming and stuff but then we went to this place that I didn’t like the smell of at all. I tried to escape when another dawg came in that’s how much I didn’t like it. But the people were so kind, so gentle and they know dawg talk. Man called it Pinebrook something which is clever cause the place has nothing to do with trees or rivers. But anyway man left me! He told me later he almost wrecked the truck of adventure he was so distraught but back to me. Well, the kind, nice people put me in a cage! I’ve never been in a cage before but they just kept whispering sweet things and started to poke and prod and shave me! Well, just let me say it was a strange day. I went to sleep somehow and woke up very bewildered and lonely and hurting but they were so nice. Then I could hear man talking to the nice ladies so I started howling GETMEOUTTAHERE. And finally they carried me out to the truck. It was all very surreal. I cant’ really walk, I’m kinda numb and my right rear leg just doesn’t work at all just now. But man is here. Holding me, talking to me, sleeping with me and carrying me around! Me. Desert Dawg. Carried. But it’s getting a little better already. Today I got bacon and forgot I was hurt for little bit. Then man took me for a drive so I could poop cause I don’t like to poop by the house so all in all I’m felling just a tiny bit better. Oh, but here comes man with those frozen bags again….. I think this is gonna take a long time.

In case you wanna hep:

10 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Marie Dickerson

    Trying to donate towards surher but the link is not working. I can get into SixtySixtySixty for DZI. Will that get to you also?

  2. Terra and Indigo

    Feel better DD. You’ll be back to boss man around in no time. Indigo wants to meet you some day. She says you’re one of her idols. She wants to be a mountain dawg and she hopes to get some lessons from you.

  3. Ann Yates

    Hey there DD! I’m glad to hear from you and really glad you’re on the mend. I do feel your pain, brother dawg, since sometimes I can’t jump into the car because of arthritis and Ann has to lift me up…sigh, that never feels right to me. I didn’t get my nickname Little Marine for nothing. But Ann is always talking about gratitude for what we’ve got and I think you got one awesome man. Stay strong!

  4. greer chesher

    Oh Dawgie! That is one turrible picture! It makes me feel so bad. Please feel better okay? Pippin could really use some help chasing the horses so get well soon and come on over.

  5. chris

    wtf indeed!! sure you are getting good care so you will be as good as new!! glad you have man to take care of you !!
    best wishes from england!!

  6. Michelle

    Wow, DD. The picture says it all, huh? I know how you feel. I recently went to the humans vet and they fixed my left forearm so I’m using the ice cold packs too. You probably already know this, but frozen peas are best. Not as hard and chunky as ice cubes. Mold nicely to the parts. Plus, later you can make a pea salad (with LOTS of bacon!). Sure hope you’re up and about soon.

  7. Sud Ennis

    Be well my four legged friend! with one sore,send u some bacon and monies fer bacon! cheers D Dog!

  8. Anna

    Hang in there DD! Injuries, surgeries suck! It’s hard to wait out the healing process! But soon you will be adventuring away…Hugs!


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