Desert Dawg Trucker Hats! or Can You Tell How Much I Hate Posing Like This?


Yep, man is all excited but I couldn’t really care less. I hate it when he makes me pose but here it is. Trucker Hats! Yawn. I think I’ll take a nap. But really a huge Woof! and howl to all you dawg luvers out there. Ya’ll dug deep and hepped man pay for my surgery and I am bouncing back big time! I’m still a little out of it sometimes cause man says I’m on painkillers ( while he opens another beer ) But yeah, I can pee to port now and I was able to cover up my morning business using both legs today and that’s  a huge breakthrough as I’ve been tryin’ to do it one legged for months. I can’t quite jump into the truck of adventure yet but real soon. I wanted to chase one of those black and white stinky kittys the other night but man barked at me so loud I stopped dead. Close call I think. Whewwww. But yeah, man made these hats. Well he found someone to make em’ and it turns out she’s from Colorado like me! She’s super cool, she even flies off mountains with a kite! Her name is Anneka and her company is called Recaps.

So a HUGE THANK YOU! to all that donated to my Desert Dawg keep on truckin’ fund. I know man said he’d give some of you hats but he’s not that good at keepin’ track of everything and if he doesn’t have your address well………. man does his best but he needs hep too sometimes. So, if you want a hat or 2 make sure you contact him with some colors you like and your mailing address and maybe, if your lucky, or persistent you’ll git a hat with my awesome silhouette on it. They say ” DESERT DAWG” on the side too. I’m sure you’ll look proud and not like me in this picture. And if you haven’t’ donated but want a hat you can still donate here:

Desert Dawg – Stronger every day!




9 thoughts on “Desert Dawg Trucker Hats! or Can You Tell How Much I Hate Posing Like This?

  1. Kathleen Sheldon

    Hey Dawg – The only thing worse than the hat man put on you would have been the Cone of Gloom. Since you didn’t mention having to wear it, you must have been a real good dawg and not bothered your leg. Be real patient with not jumpin and hoppin around too much until you get the all clear from those nice people at Pinebrook. I’m looking forward to getting a hat.

  2. Sud Ennis

    Hey buddy sent yall some monies for yer better gettin! if a green hat made it my way would be sweet!,will send you some fotos of passed like friends! they too wandered and traveled and ate bacon and crashed lots to!!

  3. Wisconsin pack

    Hey DD…Velcro and Pearse and Topper (your Wisconsin pack) are SOOO happy you’re able to take care of your business now…that is so huge, but do be careful of those stinky kitties…..they know..

  4. Sarah Ferguson

    Well DD I’d like a turquoise hat, and hope the postage across the pond isn’t too much for your man. Best address is Knoll House Hotel, Studland, Swanage, Dorset BH19 3AH, United Kingdom. We welcome dogs in our hotel so you’d always be welcome if you ever get to do a big trip.

  5. Doug Scott

    Hi DD,
    Chez Leni would love a turquoise hat. The best address for her is, Britta Kobes, Chemin du Sommet 35, 1934 Le Chable, Switzerland. Or have Man throw one for her in if he’s posting to John or Marco. Btw, she wrote you a long note on FB Messenger but I’m not sure if Man is reading Messenger. You had better ask him.

    Hope the recovery is going well, you’ll soon be off on new adventures. Doug Scott

  6. Posey

    DD: A little late to the party but glad to know you are on the mend. Hope our donation will help out with things and get you up and running a little bit sooner. If there is an extra blue or red hat around then the best address would be 76 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929. I’ll let the rest of my pack here in the salt marsh know about your surgery and tell them to donate as well!

    Thanks very much!


  7. Wendy Smith

    So nice to hear that Dawg is doing well in recovery. Nice to see that all important dawg behaviors are progressing. I was happy to donate to the effort and if there is a hat that might come my way it would be great! Grey/Silver or Magenta would work for me. If it can be mailed in the next 3 weeks send it to:

    Wendy Smith
    1469 Dana Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    If mailing is delayed for a month send it to me at:

    175 S. 6th W.
    PO Box 315
    Bluff, UT 84512

  8. Molly Hamilton

    Just saw your short film today and loved it! So inspiring. Hope DD is healing up well. Any chance there’s any hats left? Would love to represent here on the east coast. Thanks!


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