Six Essentials For Your Summer Road Trip

201104150119AKPThere I wuz just havin’ a little snooze on the couch and when I looked over at man he was reading about the National Parks and what a big deal it is and they are 100 years old and then I fell back asleep. Next time I looked over he was still reading about boring park stuff and how humans need this or that essential items for their road trips. Amazing how much stuff humans need. I guess they need those parks too so they be out there alone all together. I can tell you one thing: National Parks = No Dawgs. I guess you can be on a leash in the parking lot but that’s about it. Me? I don’t go to parks. Although I luv dawg parks! When we go out we go where it’s really wild. As soon as my leg is completely better we are gonna go out far far away. But yeah, he was readin’ some other boring stuff about how you need this or that for your summer road trip. Then there is the maps of the perfect road trip, then of course the perfect million dollar van that is ‘essential’. And the hammock, and the stove, and the watch that monitors your heart. It never ends. Well. I have been road tripping with man for as long as I can remember and we have learned a few things along the way. So I though I would share this knowledge with you, luver of dawgs and dawgkind.

First of all the west is shrinking. Trophy homes, gates, fracking, yuck. There are less and less places to get a good night’s rest. Go back to your old favorite dead end roads and get ready for a nasty surprise. If it’s not closed, or there is somebody already there it’s probably trashed. Makes man so mad. He’s always cleaning up after humans he calls “unworthy”. He says they are not worthy of the wild and beautiful places and he says a bunch of stuff I cant repeat here but then he takes a deep breath, opens a beer, yells at me for diggin’ chicken bonz out of the fire ring and then he buckles down and gets to work. Seems like this happens to us a lot. Road tripping = cleaning up after “Unworthies”

So here is a list of man’s essential items for your summer road trip:

  1. Garbage bags, good ones. plenty.
  2. Lighter. You know whats that’s for. Don’t be stupid and start a wild fire. If that’s the case you need # 3.
  3. Gloves. No explanation needed.
  4. Shovel.
  5. Tarp. So if there is a big huge ol’ pile of ash and trash you can’t possibly bag it all up and you don’t want all the gross stuff in your rig anyway. so, after you pull out all the trash and garbage and burned twisted glass you go somewhere as far as you can and dig a big hole. Then you shovel all the ash and partially burned green wood (idiots) on the tarp, and drag it all over to your hole and bury the whole thing. This is not approved but if you got another idea hit me.
  6. Pride. Be proud of your work. Educate others. Man says it’s not enough anymore to Leave No Trace. We must become Stewards Of The Land. We must take an extra step. Anyway he can go on and on about this topic. Feel free to call him, he’ll talk your ear off. I’m always happy when he gets done cleaning up though and camp looks good. Cause then it’s usually time for a walk and dinner!

Desert Dawg – tryin’ to help out my man.

Oh yeah. Did you get yer DD hat yet? Man just got a bunch more and he struggles with so many things so let him know if you still need one. He said he’s sending out a bunch tomorrow. Awooooooooooooooooooooooooo DD.



6 thoughts on “Six Essentials For Your Summer Road Trip

  1. Suzie Ellison

    always so good to hear what you and man are thinking and doing DD! hope your leg is almost healed up and that you can get away soon for a nice long trip. love your philosophies. please write again soon!

  2. Ann

    Hi DD. Yep, Ann is always picking up trash, usually at the start of the trail or on some of the more heavily used trails she and I walk together. She can get pretty pissy about it but she seems to feel A lot better after she gets it cleaned up. I know she’s really happy about your man’s efforts to keep things cleaned up in your neck of the woods because I think sometimes she feels like there’s more trashers then there are respecters of nature and wildlife. Sometimes she tells me that just picking up one tin can or plastic bag could save the life of an animal who could get caught in it. Anyway I like your pic, DD, and maybe I can send you mine. I’m kind of smaller then you but my vet says I’m “buff” And I think that’s a good thing based on Ann’s reaction. You take good care, fellow dawg, and I’ll do the same.

  3. Marie Dickerson

    I agree on the trashy people. Pet peeve of mine. I hate to be hiking in the wilderness & see water bottles, candy wrappers, etc. Pack it out people!


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