New research suggests that dogs respond to meaning and intonation in human voices.

2011091172258AKPNo s__t Sherlock. Really? Come on? That’s the headline that man was reading from something called the New York Times. I’ve never been to New York and I probably ain’t goin’ but they sure don’t know much about dawgs there. I mean I wrote about dawg talk a long time ago. If those people from the NYT read the Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg they wouldn’t have to do any ‘new research” That’s old news. Any puppy can tell you that of course we respond to meaning and tone. Man can’t lie to me. It’s impossible. He can try but he’s a terrible liar. I can smell it. And tone? C’mon? All you gotta say to any dawg is “Where’s your ball?” is the highest voice possible and they will stop whatever they’re doing. Go ahead try it. get off your silly screen thing, turn to your good dawg lyin’ there on the floor or the couch or wherever and say “Where’s you ball?” Loud, high and clear. Even old deaf dawgs can hear that. Don’t need no silly New York Times to tell me. But humans need to be reminded of basic stuff a lot.

So this is me with one of our best friends Kasha. She is out in the woods getting rained on in Alaska which is way up north where there’s lots of bears. Shes probably not as tan as in this nice pic man made. She’s probably growing mold being out there in the rainy woods all the time. But shes talks in the highest squeakiest dawg voice of any human and I understand everything she says. Treats, walks, bacon, load up, stay, Staaaaaay, the list goes on and on.

Man is getting ready to go on a trip and I’m a little bummed cause I can tell I’m not going with him. I can tell by what’s he’s packed. Or what he has not packed: my stuff. But I’m going to stay, staaaaaay with some of my favorite people in the whole world the Macs. They love me. I love them. So this is Desert Dawg signing off. Talk often, speak clearly, an here’s a really great tip that the silly New York Times doesn’t even know: When you want to take a picture of yer dawg or any dawg just say “Statue of Liberty” in a really, really high voice. Get ready, cause right then you kin take yer picture. Works every time. Desert Dawg tested.

2 thoughts on “New research suggests that dogs respond to meaning and intonation in human voices.

  1. Gail Saukas

    Just discovered your blawg! Got to say you have a great life. Thanks for sharing. My heeler friend, Mojo, enjoyed your film about your walkabout…especially the howlin’.


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