My Dawg Friends Rule

201010250018akpAnybody I’ve ever hiked with I remember. I might bark at ’em when they show up at our house but once I get a whiff that’s it. If we’ve shared an adventure together I will love you forever. This is me with my great buddy Rob Raker. You may have heard of him? He’s famous so man says. it might be because he can eat more food at a sitting than most humans. He can eat so much some call him the Foodraker. He can talk a lot too. He talks to me a lot. And I understand every word he says. He can hike and climb and ski and eat! He likes to stand on his head too for some strange reason. My dawg friends rule. You know who you are. There’s a lot of you out there but some are really special. You know how to sneak me salami skins when man isn’t looking. You know all about bacon. We howl at the moon together. Or just howl for the sake of howling. You know to take of my stupid pack and carry it so i don’t have to. Actually man has stopped making me carry a pack a while ago anyway. It takes time to train humans, patience, positive reinforcement, treats. But they can be trained with perseverance.

So a quick update on my leg and healing progress. I’m almost all better! I chased a rabbit yesterday and it felt so good. I’ve been running on the grass a little bit too. Man says we have to still take it easy this year though. it’s only been a couple months since the weird surgery business happened. But, I’m off the terrible painkillers and on the mend! Woof! Hats, yeah, Hats. Man has just asked our friend Anneka to make another batch so if you didn’t get yer hat yet make sure to remind man. He’s been so busy traveling around and stuff. His duffle bag smells really strange. But he’ll get you a hat you just have to be patient like me.

So, I think man is going somewhere again. I can tell by all the stuff laying around being packed. I’m gonna stay around here with my wonderful friend Carla. I have her so well trained. She’ll do anything for me. And if you see my buddy Rob Raker around tell him he’s the man. Well, man is the man. But Rob is super awesome and I want him come and go exploring with us again. Awooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Desert Dawg over and out.

11 thoughts on “My Dawg Friends Rule

  1. Nancy Kurtz

    A happy surprise to cross paths and see you looking so fine, DD. Just wish I’d had a pocket full of bacon! Rooooo rooooooooo!

  2. Wendy Smith

    Good news! How did you sneak that rabbit chase in? Must have been when man wasn’t looking. Its good re-hab weather out here now – happy desert trails!

  3. Jeff

    DD, so glad to hear you are on the mend. I am an ACD, too, and just had surgery myself, on both my elbows in August. I was limping before that, but now I can walk and run and frolic freely. It feels so good. My man even lets me go on short mountain bike rides with him, at a very controlled pace. Was even just out your way in Utah and Colorado, enjoying the Fall colors. Wish I could send you some pictures. Keep up the good work, and don’t eat too much bacon… – Zip


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