Happy Dawgs Ears!

img_2020Yep, man’s been babbling on about some new huge Dawg park created by that great blue heeler in Washington wherever that is. All I know is that places like this where I love to roam and chase stuff and camp with man is even bigger! How can that be? Well, if it makes man feel good than I feel good too cause we are connected. I know he’s been upset about some crazy dawg hater cause  now and than he starts ranting about it but once we get out walking he calms down. Walking – calm – breathing. Take a lesson from me – the Desert Dawg. Get off the stupid screen thing and let’s go search for more ancient cool stuff. What’s more fun that that? Nuthin’. Well, bacon maybe, and steak, or burger, or…. well all combined is the best. A good long hike followed by food and sleep, in that order. Repeat when necessary. Like everyday. Which brings me to me! I’m all better! I was gimpy for a while but I’m back at it 100%. What about you? What do you think about me? You probably thinkin’ you never got your silly DD keep on rockin’ in the free world official Desert Dawg trucker hat. Well, fret no longer. Man was gone a ton. Helpin’ blind people in Africa, leading hikes in the mud in Bhutan, and driving around the new National Monument the Dawgs Ears! So, he profusely apologizes to all you dawg luvers out there that are still patiently waiting for your hat. If’s it one thing we dawgs know it’s patience. We basically just wait for you, our humans all day, everyday. So don’t be shy – remind man you want your stinkin’ hat. Now! He just got a whole new box. What he wants is your best pic of you wearin’ your DD hat. Our friend Anneka is gonna put em’ on her website. Maybe. If your pic is good enough. I know it is. Rock the hat, take a pic and send it to man! Whomever sends in the best pics will get to go hiking with me and man and I’ll share the bacon pan with you!

Oh yeah, if you’re in Canada, (I’ve been there) or Europe (haven’t been there) our good buddy Marko who used to love cats but now loves me is going to bring you your hats. He’s going to Canada and Europe so be sure to let us know.

I think that’s it. Happy New Year! Happy Dawgs Ears!

11 thoughts on “Happy Dawgs Ears!

  1. Suzie Ellison

    Enjoy dawgs ears! I hope to get to meet you and man sometime down there or somewhere. Glad you are back to 100%!!! We are going on our hike soon too. Our plan is the same as yours and man’s. Hike ear sleep. Every day. It’s the best life.

  2. Nancy Neiley

    I missed the boat on the original hat sale info. Can you please repeat the details and how many biscuits for the hats. Hope your leg is close to 100%. Happy New Year!

  3. Holly

    Yappy ruff ruff to you and DD! Sounds like you are both doing good…. it must be the bacon and red rock air. Mmmmmm…..
    the backyard is big…. have fun roaming and finding new secret spots 🙂 Cheers!

    1. admin Post author

      Woof! If you want to send us a check we will send you a hat. They are 30. POB 1483, Boulder, UT, 84716 and let us know your color preference.
      Man & dawg

  4. Patrycja

    Hello from Canada or more precisely from Quebec City. I just saw you and your man at the Banff mountain film festival. Great movie and you are quite funny. Thanks for making me laugh ?
    Keep on walking,eating and breathing. Who knows maybe see you over here someday 😉


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