Extreme By Day, Extremely Comfortable By Night

Yep, that’s us, what we do.  Explore the great unknown by day, relax in great comfort by night. I’ve got man trained so well. He carries my tent, my bag, my food, everything that I need to be extra cozy every night. It took several years to complete this human training. They may be slow to comprehend even basic commands sometimes. But, with patience, and perseverance any human can be trained to be a good human. Sit, stay, the easy stuff is no problem. But, getting man to carry ten pounds of gear and food for me? Well, it wasn’t easy but after a couple of years he figured it out. The other thing that takes some time is camp orientation. What’s that you may wonder? Well it’s simple really. Once man sets up my tent, blows up my mattress, shakes out my sleeping bag, feeds me dinner, makes sure my water bowl is full of fresh water then he can take care of his own junk show. The thing is I need to be able to smell and see everything going on. So the tent or sometimes the truck has to be facing the kitchen, or the fire , or wherever food is being prepared and people are hanging out so that I can be ever watchful, waiting without of course having to move. Wind is also an important consideration. The sleeping quarters should be downwind so the wonderful cooking smells blow right into the tent and my sniffer. Luckily man has done this thousands of times and has it totally dialed. That’s why we are such a great team. It took many years but we have it down to a science. I believe in science, do you? So, if you want to learn how to dawg camp like a pro you should come with us sometime. There’s only one thing that makes man really mad. Tent rocks. Yep, rocks that humans move to hold down their tent and then leave ’em there. Arrgghh. If we just even walk by tent rocks where humans have camped man has to stop and move them all back where they belong. So be warned: when you come camping with us take extra care with your tent rocks and put them back exactly how you found them. You know, when I’m done with my morning business I sweep over it. Well, man sweeps up the whole camp, then walks backwards out to make sure there is no sign that anyone was ever there, ever. That’s my man. Extreme by day, extremely anal and comfortable by night. Join us! Put back you tent rocks! – Desert Dawg

6 thoughts on “Extreme By Day, Extremely Comfortable By Night

  1. Kathleen Sheldon

    Hey Dawg – Glad to hear that your leg is working well again. Your patience in taking it easy paid off! Enjoy the beautiful stillness of your desert evenings and nights in camp. Hope you get some moisture! You are a handsome boy! ?

  2. lolly

    Simply awesome. From one extreme dog lover to another–love your stories–they are read with a teary eye, as they remind me of all of my camp dogs and the pure joy that they bring. Keep jammin in the southwest…we all know it is the gem of this country. And thank you for your lovely views on all things, Desert Dawg.


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