What The Hell Is Going ON?

Yep, that’s me back there resting in this fine wonderful beautiful photo man made of our sublime camp in the Waterpocket Fold. I was tired. Dawg tired. I’m growing older gracefully man says but I gotta say this last trip was pretty hard. I puked a couple times. The heat? That cowshit I ate? The Lake Foul water I drank? I dunno but it was pretty rough so I rested a lot and let man wander around creating beautiful artsy fartsy pictures with me in them. I mean just look at that swimming hole right outside our tent in the desert? Doesn’t get much better than that. The thing is man and our wonderful friends Lisa and Keith keep talking about the land, and the beauty, and the quiet and some crazy assholes that want to take it all away? WTF? Sez I the Desert Dawg. Who would want to destroy this? Only crazy people. I know they are out there. I’ve smelt them from a distance and it’s not a good smell. We’ve been wandering these canyons since time began. For me that is. As long as I can remember which is pretty far back man and I have camped, climbed, gazed at the stars, howled at the the moon, tiptoed around cactus, climbed cliffs, swam through slots and camped in the most beautiful places a dawg or a human can imagine exist. Why would anyone want to take this away? It’s our right. It’s our life. It’s our land. It’s our Water. It’s our air. For all dawgs and humans. I tell ya, no dawg would ever dream of spoiling this incredible landscape. What is it with humans that they would destroy the very thing that gives us life? WTF? Man’s ranting has rubbed off on me but I’ve never heard him so upset about stuff. Luckily the beautiful Lisa is around to make those guys put a lid on it. Lisa likes to read to me. Ohhh, it’s so nice, the sound of her voice, a canyon wren in the distance, I just go right off to dreamland and she just keeps reading away. It’s the best. She brings me treats too. So for the sake of all dawgs and humans make the crazy ones stop. We need the wild lands wild. We need to roam, and howl at the moon, and swim in the scummy potholes whenever we want. That’s livin’! And that’s what we do – me and my man and his super awesome friends. Keep It wild!

Desert Dawg

11 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going ON?

  1. Rob

    Beautiful image as always. DD, you look mighty cool lounging in that pretty shade of green tent. Sadly my comments are unprintable when it comes to what certain bad people want to do to pure land such as this. We’ll get ’em.

  2. Patty C

    Ahhhh Desert Dawg – I love you
    and your man takes some mighty fine photos……..hope your belly is feeling better!

    1. admin Post author

      Woof Patty! I am feeling better thanks. Man is packing now so I’m a little nervous but he knows what to do.

  3. Forest Dawg

    Oh, Desert Dawg, it sucks to grow old, doesn’t it? I’m 13 and a half, still feeling pretty spry but I’m half deaf. My man has to communicate with me by clapping, shouting and using sign language. He looks pretty funny in the process. The old stomach isn’t as iron-clad as it used to be either. This morning, I ate a scrumptious rotten mouse carcass that had emerged from the melting snow. I think the man had trapped it back in January and pitched it out the back door. After our walk, he disappeared for the rest of the day because the female human had to go to the airport in the big city. Well, was he surprised when he got back and found my breakfast all over the floor! But, being a good human, he just muttered under his breath, poured himself some of that amber liquid, and cleaned it all up. No fuss, no muss.

    And yeah, those new people in charge of your country are doing some strange things, maybe Desert Dawg needs to visit Washington and bite them where it counts.

  4. Kathleen Sheldon

    Hey Dawg –

    It’s good to see you out in the Fold. Hope you had a nice adventure. So the leg is doing okay? Just pace yourself. Your man understands. Take care of that tummy. Be sure to keep us all posted on what’s going on out your way. Say, do you like chompin’ on cheetos? !

  5. Sharon McPherson

    Hey Dawg, Maxx here. Aging isn’t for sissies. That’s what my Momma says. She knows, cause she’s old. I’m 15.5, so pretty sure I’ve got her beat. Enjoy every day. Smell all the smells, gaze at the beauty and soak up all the love you can. When we meet on the other side, we will share our adventures. Watch those cow paddies. Pretty sure it’s their way of getting even with us.

  6. Matt, Samson's Man

    DD: From what I see Man can’t take DD on any National Monuments hikes (into back country), while he could before they changed the label. Not to mention losing fun mountain biking trails, not that you like to do that. What do you think about that?

    1. admin Post author

      We’re sorry we don’t understand your comment. National Monuments are okay with dawgs in the backcountry.


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