Happy Thanksgiving From Desert Dawg, and oh yeah, hats!

Man talks about some artist Andy something or nuther. Well, I can do art too. I call this one: Desert Dawgsworthy. Whaddaya think? I put the stick on the rock and voila! Dawg art! So yeah, I got some turkey skin in the resto yesterday from my friend Jen whom I love so much and wow! I luff Thanksgiving! I love humans who give me turkey skin that’s for sure. So Happy Thanksgiving to y’all and don’t forget the best thing in the world for dawgs is turkey skin. Just so you know. So then I heard tomorrow is Black Friday? What the hell is that? So freakin’ stoopid. I mean shopping is for losers. Hiking, powder skiing, climbing, exploring, that’s what cool people and their dawgs do on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Besides there’s no shopping within a hundred miles of where we live. Except for gas, chips, beer and Milkbonz. But oh yeah there is one thing: HATS! Yep man got all exited that we got hats and then we went out exploring and creating masterpieces and he forgot all about them. He is so lazy. This blawg is making his ass look fat. So, if you want a hat or three they are $30 smackers each. Oh that’s a lot you say? Well that fancy company that promises 1% for the planet is the same price. And our is like 66% for our awesome friend Anneka who makes ’em all custom for us. https://www.recaphats.com ┬áThen about 20% is for shipping them to you and the rest is for man to buy me kibble. Send yer check or cash to me Desert Dawg POB 1483, Boulder, UT 84716. Make sure you tell man what color you like cause they is all different. and don’t forget your address. And don’t be shy about bugging him to get on it. either. I’m not. So have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don’t forget to NOT go shopping tomorrow but let yer dawgs take you for a walk / run / ski / pee / sniff around. And don’t forget to give us all the turkey skin. There’ all kinda blawgs about not giving your pets leftovers well just so you know that does not apply to turkey skin, or bacon. Maybe cheese balls too.

Over and out from Desert Dawg

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Desert Dawg, and oh yeah, hats!

  1. Eli

    Sweet… I’ll take one… save me a black.. me and tractor will definately show off ur hats on all the runs we do here.. I’ll send a check next time I go to the PO

  2. Wendy Smith

    Hey Dawg – we don’t have to fight over the crispy brown turkey skin do we? My once a year deadly pleasure! But that’s okay, you can have it – it is good for your coat! Love the Dawgsworthy sculpture. Like that Andy guy’s work, next high tide it will all rush down the wash into the ocean and you will have to start all over again. Magic. Got my hat the first go round – love it! Happy sun shine Friday!

  3. Mike

    Hey Dawg, ask your buddy to check his email as I sent him an electronic check. There was even a little extra for treats.


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