Wealthy Elitist Urban Dwellers

Yep, that what they called us yesterday. Those blood sucking parasites trying to take away my backyard where I wander with man. Where I am lord and master of the glorious landscape. Where I rule and roam, howl, and run. Where I’m free, where man is free. To think, to dream, to sleep, to live, to love. Wealthy? Not sure was that is but I guess it’s when there’s plenty of milkbonz in the cookie jar. Elitist? What the heck is that? Urban? Isn’t he a country singer? Good guy to howl with. Dwellers? Aren’t we all? I dwell in the present. Sometimes I dwell in the truck. Mostly I dwell out here in the land of the free dawgs. Man is pretty mad right now. He might make me bite someone. But we are peace loving creatures. We just love to hike, and camp and howl at the moon. But a very small group of greedy humans want to take this away from us. All of us. You. Yes you, reading this. Feel helpless? I know man does sometimes but there is something you can do. No matter where you live. If you love the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. If you love all the National Monuments all over the country. If you love dawgs. This is the tip of the dawg bone. If they do it here they will do it where you live too. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and write. If enough of us let them know we have the power to stop the evil. Here’s what you need to do right now, this minute:

Easy huh? Took like 5 minutes of your valuable time. Thank you from the bottom of my smelly dawg breath heart. Really, this is serious shit. Man thanks you too.

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15 thoughts on “Wealthy Elitist Urban Dwellers

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  2. Diva, the Cat

    Although you are a lowly canine, I have one of those should you care to know, I must extend my kudos for your efforts.

    1. Russ Gallice

      Please leave what wild, open, beautiful, if not delicate, lands we have alone,.. for us and generations to come to enjoy. I we dont protect it..one day..there will be nothing left.

  3. Cheryl Warnke

    I wrote the letter DD and posted your blog on my FB page. I LOVE Escalante and hiked all over it. Gotta keep it for the peeps (the honest nature-loving kinds) and of course the dawgs who love man and nature.

  4. Ben Nortier

    Message sent from Cape Town, South Africa
    Loved your film during the Banff Festival. Blue heelers are my favourite
    I’m holding thumbs for you


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