Desert Dawg Proclaims New National Dawg Park and The Cats Are Gonna Pay For It!

That’s right. The cats are gonna pay for it. I wuz thinkin’ of building a wall about where I 70 crosses Ewetah but man say we have a lot of friends from up north. So, I’m just going to appoint my self supreme ruler and have a council of my best friends which include:

Supreme Dawg Council: Tashi, Angus, Henry, Biscuit, Oona, Eli, Olive, Fergy, Honey, Cally, Gus, Tractor. If I forgot you just give me a woof and I’ll get you on the list. And Skadi and Snorri too!

First, the rules:

Allowed: All dawgs except for bad ones. Most humans, hiking, wandering, soul searching, watching clouds, listening, sleeping, eating, loving, living, camping, etc.

Not allowed: Assholes, atvs , hunting, shooting, mining, mean people.

So, I’m just figuring out this new National Dawg Park thing so I need your hep. Suggestions? Those with 30 smackers for a Desert Dawg ‘Keep on Truckin’ hat will be considered first. Contact man for details. Don’t forget this is Your Park. So let’s make the rules together, the less the better. Where dawgs (and most humans) run free. DDNP!

Standing by for your feedback – Desert Dawg.


9 thoughts on “Desert Dawg Proclaims New National Dawg Park and The Cats Are Gonna Pay For It!

  1. Sandee Miller

    Whew. Dusty glad not to see “Rusty” on the list. (Rusty is a red from Boulder UT who runs cattle on Old Sheffield.) he once told Dusty to take his Colorado tail back east. Dusty is excited about DDNP. Gotta have big open spaces.

  2. Mike


    I am sad that you chose to attack all (R) or even inject politics in the manner you did in your blog post. I am (R), technically a libertarian who caucuses with the conservatives (probably worse in your book) but vote (R). It would have been more appropriate for the citizens of UT to declare that same area a state park instead of the way it was done by our previous president. So, instead of moaning about it, go to your state representative and get them working on a bill to turn those areas that President Trump gave back to the citizens of UT into a state park. That’s the RIGHT way to do it.

    Best of luck and all your endeavors and give Dawg a pat and a scratch for me.


    1. Wendy Smith

      Hey Dawg! Nip at Mike’s heels and send him off to his nearest Utah State Park to enjoy and leave the rest of us to enjoy our federal lands that belong to all of us – including your Desert Dawg Park!

  3. L. Patterson

    I have 4 Rescue doggies…they love the picture of the Supreme Dawg with the beautiful red rock behind!
    That truly is a great council you have! 🙂
    From Callie, Luke, Tonka and Syd


    Anne, Mac, DE Oo Gee, Whinny, Ed, Bates, Gizmo, and Arthur would love to enjoy the Adventures in a new Dawgs park…we will do are best to come visit soon. It’s sometimes hard to get away from Moab.

  5. Judith Brooks

    Love reading your posts and love Desert Dawg! I am Copper Brooks’ grandmother, Judy, from Colorado Springs and will make my first trip to Boulder Utah in April to visit Dean and Amy Brooks. Many blessings to all!!!


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