Walk Dawgs, Save Yourself, Save the World.

I know it’s been too long since you heard from me. Just takin’ a break from social media. But I’m back and full of stories and advice for y’all. Man was gone for a long time this winter but I got to stay with our wonderful friends Olive, Eli, and their humans. Olive has a huge crush on me and kinda drives me crazy but she’s sweet although kinda annoying sometimes. Eli is a zen master of all things, he’s wise, aloof, calm and collected. Man was gone what seemed like forever but I had lots of dawg beds and treats, and walks and love so it was all okay. Then Man came home really stinky and tired. His duffel bag smelled all kind of strange but he was home! But then he got sick. Sick as a dawg some would say but who knows where that comes from? When I’m sick I just puke once and I’m all better. Man was sick forever it seemed like so we laid around a lot. He’s learning how to relax but it’s not easy to teach an old dawg new tricks. He finally got better and together life resumed. Wake up, cuddle for awhile, chat about what we gonna do that day. Then man drinks his magic brown syrup while I eat my kibble. By the time he’s done he’s pretty mad about everything for some stupid reason but then we go for a walk and pee and breathe and poop and the world comes into focus. I usually grab a snack of cow shit while man is looking up at the sky. Together we solve stuff. You can come and we can help you solve stuff too. Look for the magic. Cow shit or pieces of rock. Magic everyday. Just have to open your eyes and look around. Sniff and smell. Breathe. So we’re back, man is mad but walking always helps. Always. In the afternoon Biscuit and Oona come over with their woman and we all go walking. The humans drink red stuff out of jam jars and take silly pictures of themselves. The stress of the day dissolves at the same rate as their jam jars empty. Except when Oona chases cows then her woman yells a bunch. Oona is like 10 lbs. wet but likes to chase 2 tons cows around. Go figure. So yeah, take a walk, walk a dawg, heal yersef, save the world one dawg walk at a time. Oh yeah, if ya’ll got any particular advice you might need from me about dawgism just shoot us a note. Woof! Desert Dawg over and out.

9 thoughts on “Walk Dawgs, Save Yourself, Save the World.

    1. admin Post author

      The land. The few greedy racist white men that are trying to take away our beautiful wild free public land that we roam.

  1. Laurel

    It is great that your man is back. I hope that the two of you get in some good hikes and take pictures to show how amazing Grand Staircase is and must be preserved.

  2. holly sorenson

    Oh so good to see The Enforcer and to hear how you are doing. Sorry to hear you got sick. The brown syrup cures all… especially with fluffy 1/2 &1/2 🙂
    Sending good vibes your way…


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