Happy New Year from Desert Dawg!

So yeah, I’m back. I really didn’t go anywhere but I kinda suffered from writer’s block whatever the hell that is. Man says it the news but he sits there ranting and raving about some orange idiot who doesn’t even have a dawg fercrisakes. Me. I’m just chillin’ hard, soaking up all the wisdom and treats and love and respect that I get as a slightly older dawg. Don’t get me wrong. I still got it. But I just like takin’ it easy. We got a new dawg in our household and she’s got enough crazy for both of us. She’s no puppy either but she got some energy. But she is a border collie so go figure. She’s sweet though when she’s not weird. She likes to walk around in a circle tryin’ to talk with an old stuffed duck in her mouth. Me? I got better things to do like wait for the bacon pan or man to go anywhere. Anywhere at all. Vigilant. That’s me. Loyal, wise, handsome are all words that I would use to describe myself. Man went on some trips these past months that I didn’t get to go on. Made me real sad but I got to chill with my favorite people and keep them company so it was important. People without dawgs are so lonely. They don’t get to walk around 4 times a day and look at the sky, sniff, and pee outside wild and free. So it’s the New Year? Who cares. Maybe that means man will cook more bacon? I think the main thing is to look up at the stars, breathe deep of the cool desert air, stay calm, don’t panic. It’s all going to be okay. Don’t forget to walk outside 3 – 5 times a day. Aim for camping 30 nights at the absolute minimum for the new year. Love older dawgs cause they is very wise. Oh yeah man just wanted to say he got a new load of official Desert Dawg trucker hats from our friend Anneka at Recaps. So, send man some clams and he’ll git you a new hat. All kinda  awesome colors too. Oh and another thing man wanted me to ask ya’ll? My joints are gettin’ stiff after a big hike? So, like CBD? or turmeric? Gluecosamine or something else I can’t spell? We open to yer advice. So get outside, tell whosoever next to you that you love em. Well, maybe not if your sittin’ in a coffee shop but if yer at home. Wet smelly dawg kisses for the New Year from Desert Dawg.

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Desert Dawg!

  1. Marie Dickerson

    Older dogs are the best. As a Heeler mix who has had two knee surgeries, try Myristin, Glucosamine and CBD. I have taken Myristin since before my second surgery, and the vet says my knees feel great. No snap, crackle, pop in one knee and very little in the other. But I am only 6 young years.

  2. Tank Hart Hobday

    Desert Dawg,
    I get four Gabapentin pills a day, each 100mg, wrapped in canned food. Mom gets them at Costco, Three month’s for $30. You may need fewer than me… I tip the scales at 70 lbs.
    Your Friend,

  3. Vicky Bowler

    I’ve missed reading your blog! So glad you popped up. Please write more in 2019 & show us your new dog friend.

  4. greg

    Been a while since I had a senior dog, but when I did, the glucosamine/chondroitin combo really helped her get around until 15.5 years… but that was before CBD was a thing so not sure if it is more or less effective…

  5. Momi n The Boys

    Happy New Year, DD! Another +1 for Glucosamine that helped my last girl Earhart (four yrs ago so before CBD was the latest craze). I love the Zesty Paws Salmon Bites for my younger (4yr olds)/active boys and see they make a Hip & Joints Mobility Bites that might be worth checking out. Stay awesome, DD!!!

  6. Teri

    I was injured some years ago and have had to take a drug called Rimadyl or some substitute for it for a long time now. Teri says it’s for arthritis and inflammation associated with the injury to my hip and lower back. Well, Dr said I might not be able to take the drug for much longer since it could mess with my kidneys or liver or something she said is important. Teri listened to her friends who gave her anecdotal advice about the benefits of CBD oil. In the meantime, my pain increased and the drug was not working and I could not jump in the back of the car which worried me greatly since going in the car means adventures for me and my sister Sky. Teri got me a ramp so I could go but still, I could not walk as far. So she bought the CBD oil and said we had to start with a tiny bit (I weight 63 pounds, she says) just for a tiny dog and you know what? It’s a miracle! In no time at all, I was jumping in the car and I felt so good and I was happy to see all my dog buddies and whatever is in that oil, it really helped me. A lot. I am twelve years old and much more spry than other dogs my age. Teri is happy and she took me and Sky to Utah and New Mexico in November for three weeks of hikes and adventures and everyday I went and went. I hope it works for you.
    Luna, the lab poodle mutt living and adventuring in the Methow Valley of north central Washington

  7. Sarah

    Hi D D,
    I was wondering what was happening since you have been quiet for a while. The horse in our family is older than you and takes Harpagophytum (devil’s claw ) for his joints so you might find that helpful. Get your man to take a photo of you with the new dog so we can see what he looks like. I’m sure you are teaching him a few w tricks. Give your man a wet lick Happy New Year from me in NZ. Had a blast at Rhythm n Alps Festival with My Baby performing and me in the mosh pit like a 20 yr old …. who am I kidding? 5th time of seeing them, so I must be a groupie. Like you I’m enjoying old age…. joints and all. X

  8. Hanibal & Dina

    Upvote on the CBD. Mother and son @ 16&12, been taking glucosamine & MSM for a while but nothing helped much until CBD. Can make it up the stairs again and jump over logs.

  9. Ellen

    Desert Dawg–

    So nice to hear from you again–I’m sooo glad you are over your writer’s block! It can happen to anyone, so no worries.

    I hope the new year will be filled with lots of sniffs, walks, and bacon!

    Take care DD!

  10. Chris Speckman

    Good to hear from you again!!Hope your year is filled with walks,treats and new sniffs,
    Hope to get out your way to meet you one day.

  11. Thelma Fredricksen

    What’sup dawg? Glucosamine fer sure and Milo the Pooch says “hello”. He’s never met ya, but he’d love ya. Happy New Year! Go out and sniff something!

  12. Cusco's Mom

    Cusco’s friend Lucy swears by Sea Cucumber Formula for Hip + Joint Support (well, she doesn’t really swear, maybe a little under her breath). It is Sea Jerky with Sea Chondroitin & Glucosamine. Cusco has been gobbling them daily since the beginning of the new year she seems to wince less than in the past. You can get it on Amazon.


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