Advice from my fans and my GF.

Thanks everyone who chimed in about gettin’ creaky in my joints. Got a hitch in my giddyup as man would say but we got a heap o’ advice about what to do. The overwhelming response was something called CBD oil. I don’t know exactly what that is but I guess it’s on the way. I hope it tastes like the bacon pan I git to lick clean as soon as man gets done transcribin’ this for you my fans. Oh yeah, Thank You! Thank you for all your kind words of wisdom. They are just like a nice skritch behind the ears, makes me feel warm and fuzzy like.  So, a bunch of humans recommended glucosamine and chon something or other, and someone mentioned Devils Claw that they use for their horse. And there was some other stuff too but mostly it was the CBD. So, it’s on the way and just stay tuned and we will do a test run. Maybe it will make me jump like Kalei pictured above with me lookin’ handsome and her lookin’ silly. That’s what she does mostly is look silly. She’s not a spring chicken either  but she can run and jump like a puppy. She’s smart too, most of the time, when she’s not annoying. But as I told you she’s a border collie so you gotta take that into account. She’s a quick learner though. She’s so good at finding’ dead deer parts that she brings ’em home for me to chew on. I like the hooves with some fur and gristle still attached the best. Gross you say? Well, have you tried rotten deer elbow? I highly recommend it. Counrty livin’. That’s us. Me and my bestie also known as Twinkletoes Underfoot. She’s runs around on her toes and she’s always ………… finish this sentence. Don’t forget hats! I’ll have man take a new pitcher so you can see all the awesome new colors and you can rock DD Trucker hats wherever you go! So, if there’s something you want to talk about or need some good ‘ol dawg advice just reach out okay? Desert Dawg over and out. Peace, and long walks with tons of good sniffing!

10 thoughts on “Advice from my fans and my GF.

  1. Solrig's Mom

    You know, I just love reading this blog. It’s such a great moment when Desert Dawg posts. It was so great to see new posts pop up in my blog feed. I don’t know why, maybe it is just the pure simplicity. Even though you are selling hats, I don’t feel like I am reading a sponsored post like on every other blog these days. Keep it up!!!

  2. Thelma Fredricksen

    Desert Dawg, do you realize that in the background there, behind you, you’ve got an amazing shot of the shadow of the earth with the Belt of Venus above? Gorgeous! Don’t believe I know what I’m jawin’ about? Tell man to look it up on the internet. Now go play.

    1. admin Post author

      Man is lookin’ it up right now. Wow, I thought it was just a sunset but dog my cats! You right on! Woof!


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