Dear Man, I will always be here for you, Love, DD

So, I see you have some maps out, lookin’ at places to go, adventures to have. But you know I’m gettin’ a little tired in my golden years. I don’t mind sleepin’ all day long besides  gettin’ out for some sniffs a few times a day. Gotta keep the pipes clear as you like to say. I still got it, don’t get me wrong but those big trips like in our movie? Nope. I think, I’ll stay home and guard the couch. We got some CBD oil comin’ whatever the hell that is to make chasin’ bunnies a little easier and getting in and out of the truck of adventure less of bother but the big, long days are pretty much over for me. I know it’s hard for you but just think you won’t have to carry all that kibble for me anymore, and my sleeping bag, and pad, and treats. Yep, you carried all that stuff and more. It’s harder on you than me. I get to stick around and keep an eye on things but you have to be out there without me? Who’s gonna watch out for you? I guess you have your human friends but they is different. You have to talk to ’em and explain yersef an’ stuff. When we went out we just went. No words, just trust, nonverbal communication. You made the plan and we did it, we did it  together. Well, if you gotta go, you gotta go. Solvitur Ambulando as you like to say. I want you to be happy and I realize you gotta clear your head and look at the stars but I don’t know who you are gonna howl with without me? I will be here for you and I will miss you. I will always be here for you, Love, DD

14 thoughts on “Dear Man, I will always be here for you, Love, DD

  1. Forestdawg

    I hear you, Desert Dawg. The Forest Dawg is over 15 now, stone deaf and getting a little teetery in his elderly days. He has to stay home and sleep with the cat instead of going skiing and hiking. But he still likes hanging with his people and that is what matters most.

  2. Brian

    Best wishes to both of you. My guy Loki is in the same boat. He was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 2 years ago and while he is doing well, he has lost a step. His eyesight is failing, so we don”t get to do the big adventures like we used to. He’s pretty content to hang out in the barn and keep the chickens in line.

  3. Momi n The Boys

    DD, my girl Earhart, who had the best doganality, did the same thing in her elder years while I went out alone trail running. It was much harder on me, but she also loved the comfort of the couch in elder years. During her 12th year, she discovered the joy of unraveling a roll of toilet paper to see how far she could stretch it to another room. Maybe you can find a new hobby like that while Man is out and about. Enjoy your comforts, but make sure to demand some treats on Man’s return for guarding the home front! Peace, out.

  4. Teri Hill

    I have tried three times to send a reply, but my heart can not say the words, that help this journey.
    When it is time, Desert Dawg and Ace Kvale, my heart will go out to you.

  5. Wendy Smith

    The kindest thing for DD is short walks, bunnies to maybe chase or at least sniff out and then back in the house with treats and couch comfort. And lots of snuggles and naps. CBD will help and perhaps some warmer weather soon. DD being home waiting will make sure you come home! My Willadog Rez dog’s last hike was to Wolfman Panel. She slipped off the trail above the 30 ft slickrock slope and I caught her thank goodness. That was the end of hiking. Back to the couch! She lived to be 17 but the last years were all about love and hugs. I know you will do that for DD! Dawg – remind man that you wait at home with bated dog breath!

  6. Dawnie Kennedy

    DD, it has been a pleasure to follow your adventures! You and your man are quite a team. Takoda (13 yrs old) loves the couch now. He does well with CBD, it really helps with his inflammation, and pain from arthritis. He waits for his humans when they go on adventures and makes sure the others that don’t go, are good . We still hope to hear updates and your take on Man’s adventures when he returns… Take care!

  7. Cattle Dog Momma

    DD, My boy Maxx was a true Velcro dog. Lived 16 wonderful years. Lost his sight, hearing, and a lot of pain. He had ACL surgery many years before, so he walked & sat a bit funny. But he was always by my side. He still managed to keep the couch secured. Letting him go was ?. Even when your man goes out and you guard the home front, he feels your presence. Enjoy your comforts, well deserved, and smile as you dream of those long days on the trail. Happy sniffs and bunny runs. Cattle Dog Momma

  8. Sharon McPherson

    My boy Maxx was a true Velcro dog. He was 16 years old, blind, deaf, had a lot of pain, and had a hard time making it outside, sometimes. My heart was broken ? when I had to let him go. Your man feels your presence, and misses you, as you guard the home front while he’s out. Enjoy your sniffs and bunny runs. Smile as you reminisce about the long hikes. That couch needs you, now. Momma of Meg, Rosie and Maxx…until then.

  9. Laurel

    I am glad that you are still among us even though you are staying close to your bed. It is hard to keep a cattle dog down so just keep chasing those bunnies and take your meds.

  10. Greer Chesher

    Dawg, I”m gonna be over your way a lot in the coming months. Perhaps we can finally meet whether man is there or not? Sure would like to feel your sweet nose on mine. And I know Miss Pip would love to give you a sniff.


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