Type 2 Fun

Well, a big thank you to all dawgs and their humans who commented last week, wrote stores, commiserated an’ stuff about what it’s like gettin’ a little older. Man is gettin’ pretty lazy too. He’s a helluva napper, even snores on the couch sometimes in the afternoon. Sometimes even his paws twitch! But what I wanted to tell you is that we ain’t done yet. We went out a few months ago down to one of my favorite canyons with a whole bunch of stuff but this time we went all that way down to this lake. It was all muddy an’ stinky and people down there had boats as big as houses! But man and woman, they just had these tiny little inner tube things called packrats. Well I though a packrat was just a big smelly mouse but they had these packrats that they blew up and made me an’ Eileen Underfoot (also known as dawg # 2) git in em! There was no room. Man is so huge and powerful and musclely with his humongous pack and where was I supposed to go? Well, I’m loyal as at the day is long and always do what man says so I got in. As You can see it was not very comfortable and this is coming from someone who is used to a really nice couch. Well, I got in somewhere between mans sculpted legs and his massive pack and we went paddling around in what man called ‘Lake Foul’. It was not fun. Type 2 fun I guess you could say. Type 3 is when it’s raining. Well we bravely tired to cross this Lake Foul but there was boats and little ones like motorcycles and one time somebody got their boat as big as a house stuck in a canyon and me and man had to wait while they made like a 17 point turn to get turned around but then they threw man 3 beers so everything was alright. Anyway it was mainly miserable until they found a beautiful little camp in an alcove up a canyon with firewood and a nice spot to nest up and go exploring around too. But I think that’s the last time I want to go packratting unless man gets a bigger one. We still had a grand adventure except for when we were in the mud and getting passed by noisy people on motorcycle boats. Our camp was quiet, and there were big birds like dinosaurs flyin’ by and bats at night and the canyon walls made for excellent howling especially after 3 beers. All in all it was type 2 fun except being with man, and woman and dawg 2. Well, that made it all good. Just where I’m supposed to be. And as mans says: “You crushed it DD!” when I wasn’t getting crushed that is. Even adventures that aren’t fun are fun when you’re with the right humans and dawgs. DD – over and out.

3 thoughts on “Type 2 Fun

  1. Laurel

    I sure agree about Lake Foul. Too bad that they drowned a beautiful place full of life to turn it into a giant kiddy pool. Hanging out with good beings is the best though.

  2. Wendy Smith

    Dawg! Love your new jacket! Does Eileen have the same outfit? Yeah, it can be a bit of a bother to get in a tiny floaty thing but it does get you to places where you can howl in the dark of the night. Hope you got that stinky mud washed off. I assume that by now you can see that both you and man can fit on the same couch at home. Happy snoring!

  3. Sarah

    Gosh DD that is a bit of a tight fit. Looks as if Man could get you your own floating thingy. They are into packrafts here in NZ too. Another way to travel, and travel is what humans like to do, especially with their friends and cans of beer. Full moon tomorrow and we are going paddle boarding by the light of the moon. You’d like that. Ask Man about it. We go down the Mighty Clutha River and through the rapids. Plenty of good places to howl.


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