When’s Supper?

So, when is supper already? Well, it used to be whenever man ate. Then I got it moved to 5:00 but slowly I got it moved to 4:00! You see I can read the clock on the kitchen stove. B______t  you cough? No really, I start giving man ‘the look’ at 3:58. Then if he doesn’t start digging around and serving the good stuff with whatever he adds like bacon grease, fish skins or eggs, and such well then I just go lay down in front of the kibble bag in the kitchen and look back and forth from man to food, food to man. He usually gets it by then but not always, humans are so slow to understand basic things sometimes. So yeah, breakfast is when we get up right away when man is making is morning black syrup and supper is at 4:00. Of course sometimes there’s 2nd breakfast, and elevensies, lunch, tea, and best of old gross half rotted deer leg! Yep. we live right on some kind of deer highway, or at least by an exit or something cause there are more good deer parts around here then you can shake a hoof at. My favorite are the ones with some gristle and fur and still moving elbows and such. So, whenever man is busy which is most of the time sitting on the silly screen thing swearing about some orange anus, well I just wander off to one of my caches and grab some good munching. Makes the day just a little smoother except when I gag on a bit o’ fur. Maybe puke a little bit. Man doesn’t seem to mind as long as I miss the rug. The other good thing is I get to prewash all the plates. I mean we have fresh eggs almost everyday and I lick ’em clean, Eileen gets ones too, and then Man just puts em’ back on the shelf. Saves water he says. When we go adventuring I clean all the dishes and my specialty is licking out the corners of those freeze dried food bags. Gotta have some real tongue talent to get in those corners. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The most amazing thing happened yesterday! Man, woman, Eileen Underfoot and myself were all in the town to the west of us that nobody can pronounce and man and woman stopped for burgers. Well, there was nobody around so they let us out of the car when usually we have to sit and silently suffer while watching them stuff their faces with burgers and fries (with fry sauce, cause we live in Ewetah) Well, they let us out and after we got done cleaning up around all the outside tables the nice man inside asked if we wanted a treat? Of course we do! Next thing you know he hands out 2 huge cups of ice cream with bacon! OMFG! Do dawgs get ice cream headaches? I wolfed it down in one huge bite! So, the place is called Nemos. Go there! It’s the best. Dawg Advisor and Woof! gives it 6 stars out of 5! So, I gotta take a nap, chillin’ hard after all the good food. I hope you all are gettin’ fat too! Wet bacon breath dawg kiss. – Desert Dawg

5 thoughts on “When’s Supper?

  1. Sarah Ferguson

    Desert Dawg you seem to get better at writing the more you do it. So keep letting us folk know your private thoughts and the joys, and tribulations of living with man woman and Eileen Underfoot. I’m glad they feed you properly and you can chew on the odd deer knuckle. I like eggs for breakfast too, I wish you were here to do my washing up. I’d vote you for President, tell man to have faith and everything will be okay in the end (?!) – shit happens. And there’s nothing like a good shit happening (existentialism). Almost as good as bacon fat.

  2. Corinne Corson

    Oh my, this changing of supper time is so, so true. My little guy is now eating at 4:00 p.m., too, but today, just now, he just finished eating at 3:45 P.m. What’s up with that? This is lovely and fun Desert Dawg. I am so glad you are writing regularly again.

  3. Lesley Reid

    DD- you certainly are training your human well. My name is Fiona and I’m starting to do the same thing here in the Bow Valley. My human goes to yoga at 5:30 and so I start giving her “the look” right as soon as she gets home from work. I have perfected the sad neglected look and wow does it ever work on my human. I am now getting dinner BEFORE the yoga class and not when my human eats, as it used to be.
    I think we have to stay strong, let them know what we want!…and my human says she feels badly about the orange anus…whatever that is. She says she hopes man will be able to stop swearing about that soon.


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