Desert Dawg Mentorship Program

They say you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks but you can teach a young dawg all kinds of stuff and you can even teach an old dawg like #2 here how to behave and get humans to do anything you want. Yep, it’s true, even old humans like man are very trainable but it’s young dawgs that we are talkin’ about today. Like man’s good friends got a puppy border collie. She’s sweet but a little wild. She likes to patrol far and wide, for miles, for hours. We never even know where she is most of the time. But, she’s learning. They give her treats all day long so I just stick right next to them and I get treats all day long and I don’t even get all tuckered out. Just stay close. That’s lesson # 1. Lesson # 2 is Tolerance. What’s that you may ask? Good question I’ll say. Putting up with humans is not always easy especially when they want to put all kinds of silly clothes and harnesse’s on you. I like a bandana cause it’s my signature look and man says I’m easier to spot when I’m in stealth mode but Dawg 2 wears a harness thing cause sometimes she needs a leash. She suffers from some uncontrollable urges and needs to be reined in. Other dawgs, cats, stuff like that. Me? I’m just Mr. Mellow. I don’t give a s__t. Big lesson there for younger dawgs. Oh yeah I don’t tolerate wearing a dawg pack at all. I mean we tried but they suck. Always gettin’ caught on everything and generally ruining my feng shui. I trained man to carry everything that we may need. It took a little while but as I said he’s trainable. Alway make sure you choose humans what’s trainable. Lesson # 3. I can’t remember just now what that is cause I’m feeling a little sleepy. In fact I think I’ll just stretch out on the couch for a bit, catch a few zzzz’s, dream of wandering the endless canyon wilderness with man and his friends. Ahhh, the glory days. I still got it but I really like napping, a lot. I like to have a lot of dawg beds in strategic places so I can keep my paw on the pulse. I mean us dawgs may look like we are sleeping but are always ready. For anything , anytime, anywhere. Actually I like to nap in the truck when man is packing so I’m ready. Even if he’s not leaving until tomorrow I just curl up in the front seat. Ready but out of the way. Preparedness: That’s me, Desert Dawg. So if you got some lessons you want learned or questions on human training just reach out. The lines are ready to answer your questions. Woof!


4 thoughts on “Desert Dawg Mentorship Program

  1. Greer Chesher

    Pippin sez, “Watchout Dawg a bigole storm just hit Rockfallville so’s it must be headed your way. I’m in the homestead by the fire while mommy goes out in the cold and wet at midnight to feed the horses. Someone’s gotta do it, good thing it’s not me. I don’t have thumbs, but I do so love barking and chasing those dumb ponies. They are terrible frightened of me. But, maybe tomorrow,zzzzzzz”

  2. Laurel

    I need a little help training my humans. They hook me to a leash when I see other dogs so I don’t get to chase them and bite them. When I get a nice stink going from rolling in a dead fish they run me straight to shower to get all that good stink washed away. They do give me yummy treats and I get them to take me to a wildlife area to hike every day so I have gotten some training right.


  3. CalliOpe

    dear dawg,
    all i can say is i luv you. i cant give you enough kisses. you dont seem to mind. in fact i think you like it.
    i saw you lay down in my bed too.
    i am learning from the best. good dogs go far…..and wide.
    yer pal, cal


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