Woof! I’m back, by popular demand.

Yep, I’m still here. Just living the good life with my man. Lot’s has happened since last time man let me write a blawg. I don’t know where the time went but I’m mostly stickin’ around the house these days. I like to nap a lot, like most of the time actually. But man and woman have made sure there’s good dawg beds in every handy nap spot. The hardest thing was my sister Kalei had to go to the deep sleep. She got bumped by a car and was in pain so she’s not with us anymore except in spirit. The thing was she always woke me up for barking at the UPS man and when there wuz good treats an’ stuff. So, I’m kinda lonely and the humans are sad but I’m still here. I still have lot’s of sniffin’ and peeing to do. And dawg friends have been comin’ by to sniff around and say woof. There wuz Pinto who looked almost like Kalei. And Callie, she’s comes by. She loves me so much. She always give me a quick kiss while she’s runnin’ by. On a mission that little one. Then there wuz Charley. A Mexican long haired chihuahua. He’s the best. Big personality in a small package. He wanted to stay here and live with us. And then there was Rosie for a week. A bit neurotic but sweet. She’s goes a bit mental when there was a reflection on the floor or the ceiling? Weird. So, yeah, we’re just kicking it here. Man is always walkin’ around with a drill or some such in his hand. He’s a professional at lookin’ busy that one. But he can nap and snore with the best of us. And fart, he’s a champion, way better than me. So, yeah, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in my 15 1/2 human years. So, if you have any questions on human training or adventuring just shoot em’ my way and I’ll impart essential advice. On any subject for that matter. Like for really improved begging techniques: if you keep your head down but look way up with your eyes then they get really big, huge actually. Woman is a sucker every time. Also I wuz thinking of making another batch of Desert Dawg hats? Anyone want? Cotton? Foam? Oh yeah, man just told me it’s Earth Day so go walk around barefoot and pee on some stuff, give a little howl and celebrate all dawgs!

25 thoughts on “Woof! I’m back, by popular demand.

  1. Lindsay

    Genghis, WOOF! It’s so delightful to see your handsome face. Glad to hear you have great dawg beds and treats all around your place. You’ve done a swell job training up the humans. And teaching them to be still and take it all in. Gonna put on my Desert Dawg hat this morning and amble about to smell the smells and see the sees. Up here along the Salish Sea the air smells of lilacs, cherry blossoms, low tide, and new leaves doing photosynthesis for the first time.
    Pets to you and bacon too.

  2. Jules

    I was just thinking about you the other day and woof, here you are! So much has happened! Other dogs! A woman! We need more de-wagging-tails.

    More hats would be great! I still wear my aqua & pink one. I’d love another. ✌️

  3. Obi

    Hey, oh Great Wise One, I’m coming down soon for some more training from the Master. My humans would love to have more Genghis quantities in my character… I’ve missed you a lot!
    Love ya, guy!

  4. Thelma J Fredricksen

    Dawg!! I’m glad you’re back. You keep on sniffin’ and lazin’ like you’re supposed to. Tell Man to give you a treat!!

  5. Greg Marcarelli

    Woof and double Woof from Nor Cal! Thanks for the update it put a smile on my face but made a few tears flow! Is there a link to the dawg hats to buy?

    1. admin Post author

      Woof Greg! We just have few old hats lyin’ around. Gauging interest in makin’ a new batch. Stay tuned! – DD

  6. Sarah

    Hi there DD.
    So good to hear you. Sorry about your sister. Shit happens. Then we die. We had an old pal Ludo Dog who would wear goggles and ride in his human’s side car. He’s in sky dog heaven after a great time time down here. My DD cap is a treasured possession. I’m glad your human is keeping busy building and making your kennel nice. Tell him to give you a treat of some bacon. I’d bring you some but it’s a long way from U.K. to Utah. A lick, a sniff and another lick from me. At our age that’s about it.

  7. Robin Cox

    Dawg, it is sooo good to hear from you!
    I’m real sorry about your sister, my best buddy Rusty is facing that fate right now too. I hope that he and Kalei can chase some squirrels in the afterlife.

    As for you and your pop, it is great to know that all is well.

    Count me in for a hat, I snoozed on the offer last time, I wont let it happen twice.

    Cheers to you guys!


  8. Yogi

    Good to hear from you. Your hat is my worker man’s hat so it has some paint, dirt and other muck on it, but I know you would approve DD.

  9. Momi and the boys

    It’s so good to hear from you, Genghis! So very sad to hear about your sister though. I imagine both you and your humans have been needing extra snuggles during this time. Sure am glad you have a comfy place to nap wherever you turn. It is as it should be!
    Tell your humans that I still don my original DD hat proudly but would love to get another if more become available.
    Stay gold, Dawg!

  10. Edith Miller

    Dear DD love reading your post . Glad you are still going strong . Please add me to your blawg list and definitely count me in for some hats when you do another batch . I have a friend who just got a Blue HeelerACD puppy ,little girl called Raven . For sure she would be proud to wear your hat in tribute to you, an inspiration for all Bluies . ❤️😊

  11. Forestdawg

    Hey Desert Dawg, great to hear from you again. This is Forestdawg’s human chiming in, FD went for the big walk a year ago, and we are still dawgless for now. Stay healthy and keep those humans out of trouble.

  12. Gary O’Brien

    It’s good to know The Dawg abides. I’m sad about your sister, buddy.
    Yes, I missed out on a hat last time. Make mine extra large, I got me a grande cabeza.
    The Hooligans say hey, too 😻😻

  13. Nancy Kurtz

    DD, it is so good to hear from you on this machine! You do hold the wisdom of the Ancients in your eyes. I am very sorry about your sister; it is a hard thing to lose a member of the pack. You won’t remember but I had the honor of giving your head a scritch a few years back. Glad to know your dawg pals are coming by to keep you company and to get some training in treat wheedling. PS: I love my hat and can always use another.


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