“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

-The Cat in the Hat.

Can’t believe I’m using a cat quote? Wtf? But it’s okay cause we got it from our buddy Steve up in Idaho. He’s a vet up there and though I don’t like vets that much he’s cool and has an awesome family and him and man seem like old friends that just met. He saw our movie and came though a while back to say woof and have sniff around.

So yeah, I’m not feeling so great. Mostly sleeping a lot. Supervising man while he whittles away on his never-ending sauna project. He is so frickin’ slow. But he does good work and I’m in charge of quality control. Whenever he gets in hurry he gets sloppy. What he’s gonna do without me around to supervise I don’t know? He put a pic of me looking a little bit serious on the sauna deck the other day saying how much he loved me. Real sweet of him but he gets all choked up sometimes. We’ve had a lot of adventures, me and my man. Too many to count. He rescued me when I was just a whittle pup and I rescued him from himself. We’ve hiked all the canyons together, all of ’em. But now I just wanna sleep. Dream big about the great adventures we had, all the wonderful people and all the delicious treats they gave me.

Oh, before I forget man made a new batch of hats that he has just layin’ around. He only wears one at a time so why he needs like fifty I don’t know. They are all cool colors. Kinda earthy lookin’. Here’s a sample below:

Oh yeah, they are 32 clams + 5 smackers for mailing. You can send an old fashioned check or Venmo man. I don’t much about that stuff but I guess it pays for the kibble. I’m still around for a little bit so if you need some advice on human traing or just some words of wisdom please feel free to reach out and give a howl. Love from Desert dawg.

25 thoughts on ““Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  1. Robin Cox

    Much love, my boy adventure partner Rusty is running out of gas himself, but it’s always a joy to see him running in his sleep. Dogs can transform people, it’s one of their many powers.
    Thanks for all the adventures!

  2. Ian

    Well buddy I’m stoked to be one of the Lucky ones who adventured with you from pup to DD. From Cat Wall to the Water Pocket fold, you absolutely slayed it. Never was a finer friend in man’s life. Never a greater partner, always the loving bro. Time to go hang with Boots and Mochi and keep an eye out for all of us. Love you bro❤️, big hugs to the man for me

  3. Brad with Spencer and Luna

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventures with the man Genghis. I must have watched your move more than a 100 times, marveling at your bond with the man.
    Godspeed and may you both be reunited someday.

  4. Momi Ford

    Sending you lots of howls as dusk nears and wishing man comfort during these days. Rest your head and tell man to keep giving you treats whenever you want them. Norbert and Bugg say the chimken ones are extra tasty. Sweet dreams, little man. <3

  5. Terra

    Ghengis, Desert Dawg, DD, a legend in your own time. I met you before I met your man and you were spry, discerning, and had a twinkle in your eye when you met my wolf ladies. They will be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. In the summerlands where there are always squirrels and deer to chase, stinky things to roll in, crisp creeks to quench your thirst, and the perfect peaks to catch all the scents meandering on the breeze and to howl at the moon.

    We will miss you. ❤️

  6. Sarah

    I’m wearing my DD cap in honour of you Genghis and writing this between sniffs. Human sniffs are a bit different to dog sniffs and are accompanied with blowing the nose and wiping the eyes if it isn’t hay fever or a cold. I have really loved your blog so I hope you will inspire your man from that greater place to quality work on the sauna and to continue to share with us your words of wisdom. I have a sauna in my garden and even though I never met you I’ll go and have a sweat there later on and pretend I’m in the canyons with you and your man. Woof.

  7. Chuck Layton

    I love this blog and smile when I think of how it reminds me of all my own travels with my little girl, gone now 5 years. The time spent with a dog best friend flies by so fast, but the memories last forever.

    That said, is there a way to get the info for venmo or your address so I can get a cap?

  8. Greer Chesher

    Oh, Dawg, how can you leave us? My own Dawg, The Adventure Dawg, Bo, is waiting to run and play with you up there. She can show you the ropes. You two will get along so well! And we down here will miss you both forever.

    Love, Greer

  9. Amy Hahn

    People wonder why I go nuts over their slow gimpy old dawgs with the bad breath and rheumy eyes. It’s because that dog has given their person SO MUCH heart and love for so many years and we all know that. Old dawgs are the best. Genghis, thank you for taking such good care of your two-legged companion.

  10. Thelma

    DesertDawg — don’t go!! We’ll miss you too much. You are a good boy. You can look for Kodi to play with if you can’t stick around anymore. He was a good dog too and real nice.

  11. Connie

    Ace just know you gave him everything. Everything is love, support, more love than we know we have. There is no greater love than your best friend your pet. I still miss my Goldie cat who found me. For 22 years he loved me.

  12. Inge

    Hey Cousin! My mom reads your blog, so sometimes I peek at it over her shoulder. I think you and I would have a lot of adventure stories to talk about! I’m getting sleepy too, but not too much yet – I just had my birthday (11?). Mom and Dad gave a celebration day when they adopted me. Anyhow, I get it ~ these days are the tough ones. I lost my brother a few years ago, I am sure when you are ready Loki would love to show you around ~ I guess he lives in the sky now with some really cool friends. They talk about hot dog beach parties a lot. I miss him. Thanks for making my mom happy with your writing. She likes to write too and people tell her she is good at it, I agree. I love her lots. She was almost crying about you today ~ she gets it too. Stay you and happy trails. ~ Inge (They say I’m a ‘stumpy’ when people ask btw)

  13. Laurel

    Ghengis has had a very long run in a special place with a person who really understood him. All dogs should be so lucky. I know that he will take part of your heart with him.

  14. Forestdawg

    Desert Dawg will find the Forest Dawg up in the good place for dawgz. I am sure they will get along. He’s been up there for a year now and likely has it figured out. Meanwhile, the humans just took on a new rescue dawg, she’s a winner, reminding us every day how cool it it is to have dawgs in our life. Though the year off was OK. No fur for a while. Take care and stay safe.

  15. Lindsay Malone

    Genghis, buddy I love you so much! Your paws have touched a lot of ground and a lot of hearts.
    Ya know, it’s okay to admit that some cats are pretty wise. The Cat in the Hat being one of them. My Gracie Cat developed one of the big C’s last spring. While giving her all the love I could, we shared a lot of unhurried lingering days in the garden smelling smells, and listening to the birds. In the process, she taught me about being really present, accepting impermanence, and that it’s okay to keep on loving someone even when we aren’t on the same plane.
    I’ll be wearing my DD hat on mountain adventures all summer and for (hopefully) a long time to come – always thinking of you and telling other humans about ya.
    Much gratitude to you and to man for typin’ up your thoughts and sharing your handsome pics all these years. <3 <3 <3

  16. Chris Kent

    hey ,good to have you back if only for a while. what alife you folks have had full of adventures and stuff. ive enjoyed reading your blawg. could a hat come to hte uk or is that too complicated?
    much love, and thankyous

  17. Sharon McPherson

    DD, no greater love that that of a four footed companion. I lost my precious Maxx almost 4 years ago. He was 16 years old. His sight was gone, he heard very little, but he knew where I was. We wanted to go together, but he went ahead. One day, we will be together again. Enjoy every sunset, sun up, and loving touch. Let man know that you’ll be waiting by the gate, when it’s time to be together again.


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