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  1. Elissa Pfost

    Hi Desert Dawg. At my prompting, my woman just signed us up to read your posts. She thinks it’s her idea but I have a talent for making her ALWAYS think it’s her idea and then things get done. Like at dinner and breakfast time, when I stare at her and she realizes what time it is and that maybe I might be hungry. This never seems to work at mid-day when she’s eating though, and I don’t get to. Do you get to eat when the sun is high? If so, tell me how you do it. Anyways, I was one of your first apprentices. I have a little bit of grey around my muzzle now, and it’s no longer my first time at the harness-wearing rodeo. I have my own harness even, since we live in the place where they are made. One thing I’ve been wondering since our days together, oh so long ago, is how did you get your man to let you have the FRONT seat of the the adventure machine, and how did you get him to put that amazing-smelling deer skin cover on it for you? I can’t even get in the front seat of any vehicle, much less a deerskin cover. I remember also when you taught me how us dawgs can do narrow canyons with v-shaped bottoms (two front legs on one wall; two back ones on the opposite wall). What a revelation. Once in a while, we get to practice that but this country doesn’t have many v-slot canyons. I’m in the desert too, but it’s in a place called Are-we-gone? Wierd name I know. But You-taw is equally wierd. We don’t have as many round bushes that look and feel like porcupines here. Or fleas. Or ticks. And woman appreciates that there is no poison oak for me to ramble through; she gets all red and hops up and down and makes a lot of noise when I find some to explore. And then later, she gets red and puffy and oozy but doesn’t hop up and down much and we have no fun for like, a whole month. I hope we get to hang together again. I have more skilz to learn from you, and only got one session of apprenticing in so far. I read her mind as usual and her mind pictures have been of that You-taw place and it looks like the 9th month time when the canyons aren’t filled with water unexpectedly. There are lots of red rock rooms and big blue sky and tall clouds and fun two-legged people who like to do adventures in her mind pictures. There are also many birds and dawgs she’s known that I haven’t yet smelled but hope to someday. I smell you, Lula Belle.

  2. Sarah Ferguson

    Hang in there Desert Dawg, your man has to earn the bacon. You know all about bacon, well doing all that boring stuff gets the bacon. Also folk like me who love dogs (not cats, they crap in my vegetable patch) like to watch the move you starred in. So man, being man-kind, is taking it to the people. A pity it is too far for you to come and visit my house and keep those pesky cats off my veggies, and lick my face (No Frenchies thanks).

  3. Ann

    From me, the dawg Rosco: Hi Desert Dawg. I like the looks of you and am pretty sure I would like the smell of you too. I’m a lot smaller than you but pretty rugged. Ann and her friends call me “the little Marine” but frankly I think the little doesn’t need to be in there. Glad Ann found you and your man on that weird little box she likes to stare at. I have to live with 2 cats and let me tell you, it’s nice to have another dawg in the house, even if only on the little box.

    From my person, Ann: Is there a full length Ace and the Desert Dawg movie and if so, how can we watch it? We really enjoyed the 9 minute video but it seems like there’s more…

  4. Roger Harris and Kat

    Helo Deset Dawg. I am not a dawg but i lik dawgs an they lik me. Im not skared of them like others is – i go all round and in and out their legs and they lik it. I likd yor flim abot the wildnez and my man likd it to. Id lik to go on a trip lik dat but my man nevr taks me. Sumtimz I go on my own an he dusn’t kno. We liv in UK in a Nashnal Park which iz gud but he always gos on trips alon. He kips talkign abot gettign a dawg himslef now he haz tim. But I’m gonna show him dis flim and tell him I can do it juss as ezey. Tanks for yor flim – it made me feel gud. Luv from Kat x

  5. Leroy

    DD! You rock! Until I saw one of our humans reading your blog, I had no idea we could do this. It’s GGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr–reat to know that we fourleggeds can do this s–t!

    I’m part of a pack here at this place called Rim Tours ( They’ve just recently started a blog called Adventure West, ( which is pretty cool (plus, they’ve linked to your blog, DD dude, which makes AW even cooler, IMHO.)

    Anyway, there are a bunch of us always hanging out here while our mans sit at their desks clicking keys and talking on their phones and loading up bikes on the vans. We have trained them to have blankets laid out under each desk for us to snooze on while they work — something I recommend all dogs get from their mans. So, lots of days, it’s like a party for us down here on the floor. Rim Tours is the most dawg-friendly mans-place I know.

    If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by.


  6. Mary Newton

    Saw your film at the Banff Film festival this past weekend! And a very brief cameo of our friend Bill Wolverton! Fun!

  7. Sarah Taylor

    Hi Desert Dawg!
    Just wondering if you have any of those sweet trucker hats still available? I would love to represent you in NH! Hope your knee recovery is going well looks like you are already adventuring!

    1. admin

      Woof Sarah! Man is so lazy he hasn’t made any new hats and my fans are all asking. I’m gonna have to give him a nip in the ass.
      His paw is getting better slowly but not fast enough for me!


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