Desert Dawg

  • Birthdate: Exact date unknown, but I guarantee I’m younger than you
  • Weight: Wouldn’t you like to know
  • Favorite Toy: Depends what I had for breakfast
  • Favorite Hike: They all kinda run together
  • Favorite Song: Howlin’ At The Moon by Hank Williams

25 thoughts on “Desert Dawg

  1. Patrick Briggs

    Wow. What a lucky dog. Most dogs probably live in cities where all the people are but not lucky dogs like you. Youve got some good pics. Who is your photographer by the way? Your man seems like he has some pretty good taste in music. Ive heard of Floyd. Hank aint so bad himself either. You’re alright in my book Desert Dawg! See you out there.

  2. Leslie

    Have you thought about making a 2017 Calendar of you, Man and all your adventures? I’ll bet it would be very popular!

    1. Mike

      Second that. A calendar would be fantastic. Desert Dawg and his buddy with the backdrop of Utah how could you go wrong? Or, a screensaver.

  3. Terry Ellison

    Hey dog ! Love your blog ! It makes me smile Everytime! ! U will have to let us know when those desert dawg hats are available and how to get one… over and out !

  4. Jayne

    Ghengis, you handsome dawg…so happy I discovered your blawg :). Looking forward to following your adventures with Ace!

  5. Becca Fairbairn

    Hello Desert Dawg!

    We’ve (X-husband and fellow Dog Nut and I) have been enjoying your blog for a few years (time flies!) . Love the blawg and all man’s crazy adventures, and especially appreciate Desert Dawg’s unending patience with man. It can be difficult!

    Because we really like the blawg, , I’d like to order 2 Desert Dawg hats !

    How do we go about it?

    Warm regards from Bowen Island British Columbia,

    Becca Fairbairn, Gord McGee and Rose ?and Meg ?

  6. Becky

    Great mountainfilm, Desert Dawg. When people need to be reminded of the power and importance of the human-animal bond, I’ll send them to your blawg, dawg. Keep livin’ the dream!

  7. PJ Stevens

    I saw your movie last night. I have fallen in love with you. If you ever come to Idaho, I will cook you bacon. I will scratch behind your ears and make you howl in puppy ecstasy.

  8. Kristen

    I saw your movie in Port Townsend, WA and loved it. What state do you normally reside in? We are traveling in an RV with my rescue dogs and would love to come by for a short hike sometime this year, or meet up on one of your adventures. My dogs are ambassadors for dogs and animal rights and we are trying to spread the word about things people can do for the animal kingdom. We’d love to hear from you!

    1. admin Post author

      Woof Kristen!
      We live in the the middle of the canyon wilderness between Capitol Reef and Bryce. Come hiking with us! Plenty of swimming holes for us dawgs!

  9. John D

    Thanks for the Hat which arrived at my home in Ireland a while back – I forgot to extend my appreciation.

    I thought the cool logo would look great on a t-shirt – maybe that gal who makes the hats might consider it? I’d certainly buy a half-dozen of them.

  10. susan

    we are in NY and hike every day in the woods with our mom. we swim in lakes and drink the streams and climb mountains. you giuys should come visit us! our mom created a hiking group for people and dogs because in NY the hikers are really uptight and dont like dogs on hikes. can you imagine??? mom watched your movie tonite and loved it. shes made some movies of us but none made it to the film fest. oh well. we still get to hike. stay well and have fun off leash–its the BEST

    1. admin Post author

      Where’s NY? Sounds far. I don’t like going in the truck of adventure much except to trailheads around here. People don’t like dawgs hiking there? You should move out here. Plenty of space to roam and chase critters. Keep it wild and free. – Desert dawg.

  11. Molly

    I saw the movie yesterday, within Luxembourg screening of BANFF Mountain Film and Book Festival. Congrats, I am a fan of the Dawg now.

  12. Dawn

    We saw the movie last night at the BANFF Mtn Film Festival screening in Chico, CA. Loved the film and look forward to keeping up with the blog.

  13. Skip Lauderbaugh

    Need my fix for new dawg adventures…. !

    I expect you are out on a epic “walk-about”. But those of us working drones need your dawg adventures to live through vicariously…

    Please toss us a bone… !

  14. Judith Brooks

    We absolutely love this blawg and Desert Dawg is wonderful! Jillian (cat) and Daphne Jane (cat) Our mommy’s big son lives in Boulder, Utah, and he always has pictures of the beautiful scenery there! He has a Swiss Mountain Dog named Copper and we are so jealous of where he gets to run around!! Do you think we could visit and go outside and scope things out? Any coyotes or wolves out there that could hurt us??? Our mommy is going out there in the Spring (perhaps we can sneak in one of her suitcases!!)

    We hope Desert Dawg writes some more!

    Jilly and Daphne

  15. Brandon Jones

    Hi Desert Dawg,

    I love your blog and I just saw your movie! So wonderful! Looks like quite an adventure.

    Hey, so I’m going on an adventure myself. I will be riding from Las Vegas to Moab on my mountain bike as an advocacy effort on behalf of the Nat’l monuments. I would love to meet you and scratch you behind the ears. Are you in Escalante?


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